Netflix improves its plan with ads, is it now a good option to use it?

Important news from Netflix: the platform has decided enhance the options you offer in your plan with ads. And this affects all the regions in which it is available, including Spain. A good decision, especially for users, and that can suggest that the acceptance of this subscription is definitely not working as the company expected.

Not long ago the North American firm launched this new option to offer an economic option -5.49 euros in our country- to access the vast majority of its product catalog (always with the addition of broadcast advertising). The thing is, it didn’t take long for him to realize that It must improve the options it offers so that this is an option that users seriously value‚ĶEspecially now that account sharing is something he’s trying to make a thing of the past.

The improvements that come to the plan with Netflix ads

As of now, the company has decided that users subscribed to this plan will be able to view content in 1080p resolution (previously it stayed at 720p). It is an important qualitative leap and it is even beneficial so that the scaling carried out by Smart TVs to reach 4K is much more effective. The fact is that now you can see both series and movies with a higher definition, which is very positive and something is eliminated, which is why many discard the subscription we are talking about.


Furthermore, instead of being able view on two devices at the same time the contents using the credentials of the plan with ads of which we are speaking. This was another of the things that users did not like at all, and part of the reasons why the number of subscribers with this subscription could not convince Netflix. Therefore, the determination has been made to double what was initially offered. With this decision, the company believes that “”these enhancements will make our offering even more attractive to a broader set of consumers and further strengthen engagement for new and existing ad-supported plan subscribers.”

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The platform publishes subscriber data

According to the data shown, right now the platform has 232.5 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2023, which is 1.75 more than in the previous one. It is growth, yes, but less than that experienced in Q3 of 2022, where it reached 7.66 million. It seems that the power of the service is deflated a bit.

In any case, the forecasts for advertising revenue are not bad at all according to the data that has been published. Thus, for example, according to Insider Intelligence, Netflix will generate $770 million in ad revenue this yearand this number will increase to 1.9 billion in 2024.