Netflix improves its interface so that we can find our favorite movies and series more easily

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No one can deny that the Netflix app is the best in the streaming sector. Quite simply, I’ve used HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and none comes close to the quality of the big N. So even though Netflix is ​​bleeding users, and its free plan isn’t performing as the company hoped, the giant of streaming continues to be the absolute leader in the sector when it comes to assessing the official application. Not to mention the constant updates that the big N launches so that the Netflix app works like foam. And now, thanks to the colleagues of The Verge, we already know the new design that the My List section will have. My Netflix List improves with its latest update Surely you know My List on Netflix, the section where you have all your movies, series and other content that have interested you for whatever reason and you want to have more at hand. Until now, there was no way to separate content that you’ve already started watching, watched, or have pending. But, finally this is going to change first on Android, and then make the leap to iOS and the version for Netflix televisions. In this way, we can filter our list of favorites on Netflix with “Has not started” or “Started”, making it much easier to know which titles you have pending from those you are already watching. In addition, you will also be able to filter by release date or alphabetical order, as Netflix spokesperson Layal Brown has confirmed to The Verge. These new filtering tools will make it possible for us to get more out of My Netflix List than ever before, making it more useful and easier to find all kinds of content. Continuing with all the news that will arrive on the platform very shortly, the well-known portal has stated that Netflix is ​​also adding a “Coming Soon” line to the home screen in the TV version of its application, which could be a handy tool to know when there are new shows and movies you might like. Netflix will use your viewing information to offer you possible content that you may like, with the possibility of requesting a reminder when said movie, series, documentary or reality is available. Regarding the launch, it is already available for Android, and very soon we will be able to access this new filter system in My List of Netflix to the version for Smart TV and other devices. >

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