Netflix: how to create your summary of viewings of series, movies and documentaries of 2021

Netflix: how to create your summary of viewings of series, movies and documentaries of 2021
netflix: how to create your summary of viewings of series,

In recent years we have become accustomed to receiving an interesting summary of our activity on different platforms on our mobile phones. Surely the most popular is that of Spotify, which they have called Wrapped and that breaks down piece by piece all our musical activity of the last 365 days: genres that we listen to the most, albums, artists, etc.

It is not that it is vital information for our existence, but says a lot about us because it puts us in front of the mirror to know what we really like. Netflix, unfortunately, does not have anything similar, but we can create our own wrapped by using the tools that we have available on the Internet. And that’s what we’re going to do.

How to make our Netflix-summary

If you want to know what you have invested the most time in during the year 2021 within Netflix, You just have to follow the two steps that we are going to indicate. And the first is to download all your viewing activity to your computer or mobile. To do so, enter the history of views on the web (choosing your profile if you have several in the same account) and indicate “Download all”.

Download the viewing history of 2021.

This will download a “.csv” format file to the device, which is the same one used to transfer an entire agenda from one application to another. Next We go to this website, which will be in charge of creating our Netflix Wrapped 2021. There they will ask us to upload that file that we have previously downloaded so that they can see all the data of what we have viewed in the last 365 days.

Summary of everything you’ve seen on Netflix in 2021.

After just a few seconds, the web will give us a kind of presentation with the most important data of what we have seen last year, from the genre that we have enjoyed the most, to the contents that are most valued by the community (according to Imdb scores), and even which are our favorite actresses or actors that you will basically get from the contents that we have seen

To say that by way of information about what we have seen is really useful, although for other years the presentation will have to be worked on a lot more since it has not been excessively beautiful or harmonious if we compare it with the one that Spotify gives us every weekend. of year. So if you are going to generate that summary of your 2021 within Netflix, remember that its value is more informative than anything else.