Netflix hired former Facebook and Electronic Arts executive as vice president of games

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In May, we echoed a series of reports that pointed to the new Netflix plans, a platform that, according to that information, aims to promote interactive content in its catalog.

A new report notes that the company behind the streaming service hired Mike Verdu as vice president of game development. Previously, Verdu had held executive positions at Electronic Arts, Zynga and most recently in Facebook’s Oculus division, as vice president of augmented reality and virtual reality projects.

A closer approach to interactive content

The news of this hiring was released by Bloomberg during yesterday afternoon. Since then, Verdu has declined to comment to the press.

Mike Verdu has accumulated experience in the software world since 1985, including defense intelligence projects, until a stint at Atari, in addition to the companies mentioned above.

According to that report, Netflix aims to offer video games on its streaming platform in 2022, according to what an anonymous source within the company commented. These contents will not depend on any additional subscription and will be offered as one more category within the catalog, such as comedy specials or documentaries.

Mike Verdu’s position is preceded by Netflix’s chief operating officer, Greg Peters, who during the last earnings report of the company in April, commented: “We’re in the business of creating these incredible deep universes and compelling characters and people get to love those universes and want to dive deeper and get to know the characters and their backstories better and all of that stuff. So we’re really trying to figure out what all these different ways that we can increase those connection points, we can deepen that fandom. “. .

On the same occasion, he highlighted under that aspect the potential of games as a content format that can awaken more interactions, noting that their plans were contemplating for the moment “Keep going, keep learning and discovering as you go”.

Although Netflix concentrates the not inconsiderable sum of 207 million subscribers around the world, the market in which this proposal is inserted has become increasingly competitive over the years. Everything indicates that this could be one of the resources that can contribute to a significant differentiation from its competition and the eventual attraction of new audiences,