Netflix has a new idea called ‘Mystery Box’, what does it offer?

It is clear that Netflix it has to find new formulas so that users are happy on the platform. For this reason, novelties no matter how small they may be are always well received in the event that what is offered is successful. Well, there is a new option for those who have an account that is perfect for those who have children at home.

This is called ‘Mystery Box‘ and, as a gift, offers users surprise recommendations that are perfectly adapted to what the little ones in the house can see. Therefore, if you are one of those who rack their brains to find something that can entertain them, this new option seems to be designed specifically for you. Are good news.

Its operation is quite simple, since in a way similar to what the random playback that already exists on Netflix currently offers. That is, executing this new option shows possibilities that they adapt to the tastes of children -and where what has caught their attention before is taken into account-. And, all this, with a presentation as a surprise box that, make no mistake, the little ones like so much. Thus, this ensures that they will at least give the movie or series that has appeared a chance.

Things to keep in mind

The first thing is that this works in the profiles created for children, so in those where you have access to adults you will not see the new option that Netflix has launched. In this way, if you have children and you do not have the aforementioned profiles, you will have to get down to work so that they have their own. Once this is done, and specifying the tastes of fictional characters and others that they have, you will have everything perfectly organized.

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Once you are inside, in the section favorites, one of the options that will always be present is the new ‘Mystery Box’. In this way, whether it’s the children or yourself, you can choose it when it is convenient and wait to find out what the streaming video platform has selected to pass the time. It is not a disruptive thing, it is true, but it is not a bad idea that Netflix has had and that in many options finding something for the little ones is something as tedious as it is complicated.

Arrival on Netflix of the ‘Mystery Box’

Well, there is good news here, since from today this innovation is being rolled out to all existing clients of the service (from the one for televisions to the one installed on phones and tablets). Obviously, it will take longer in some regions than in others, but in terms of few days should be present on all sides. And, therefore, you will be able to live a little calmer when children enjoy Netflix -and, always, with recommended content that fits their age-.