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Netflix greatly improves the use of subtitles used on Smart TVs

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There are not a few who use the contents of Netflix to enjoy them with the original audio, without translating. This is a good way to learn languages, and if you have Subtitle much more. Well, the streaming video platform has indicated that it will significantly improve its use on televisions.

Basically, what is going to be provided is a lot more options for personalization to users who have access to the movies and series on the service. And this is important, since to date there were not many that existed and, therefore, we would have to be satisfied with them. Currently, the choices that are available are those of size and style… and little else. Scarce, without a doubt.

The new options offered by Netflix

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The firm, which is the one with the most monthly subscribers worldwide, from now on includes other possibilities more that are available in the Smart TV clients themselves, such as those that use the Tizen operating system (such as those of Samsung) or the one that does the same with Android TV. And this was about time it happened, since recent studies have indicated that the consumption of content with these devices accounts for 77% of the total throughout each month, that’s nothing.


The options that Netflix has included as new in the subtitles used on televisions range from more letter sizes -with three possibilities- up to four kinds of colors (which include white and yellow letters, for example). By the way, the deployment of the new option will be carried out gradually in the different regions where the platform is present. Therefore, in a matter of days it is hoped that everyone can enjoy this new addition.

An improvement that is of great depth

If you think that this is an update that does not have much importance, the truth is that it is not. The reason is that the user experience is now much better, since it adapts and customizes everything much better. In addition, to date Netflix was quite behind in the section of offering more options in subtitles than other services, such as Prime Video or Disney +. In this way, it is now among the best and this is always positive because a better service is offered.

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