Netflix came to mobile games to change them completely: without purchases, without ads and with quality

Netflix Iphone Games
netflix came to mobile games to change them completely: without

We identify Netflix with the streaming platform where it offers huge amounts of movies, series and documentaries, but little by little it is getting into a market that seemed far from its bases: mobile games. and has done turning the market upside down.

We have become accustomed to Android games being free, all in exchange for a series of “traps” that ended up spoiling much of the gaming experience. Yes, the download costs nothing, but we must eat constant ads, we have to wait to get lives And on top of that, it’s often impossible to progress without in-game purchases. This trend seemed to be getting worse. Although Netflix is ​​willing to reverse it.

Netflix is ​​creating a kind of Apple Arcade on Android

Netflix Iphone Games

The company has made a name for itself in the world of streaming platforms by investing in its own creation from practically scratch. which was a DVD rental company with domestic delivery It ended up being the benchmark for the entire multimedia industry. And not only that of classic entertainment, Netflix is ​​taking its formula to the field of video games.

It started with a very small catalog of Android titles, then made the leap to iOS. A part of its games are based on Netflix’s own franchises, a fact that has changed rapidly weeks after its launch: the platform’s free games currently have thirteen titles, increasingly varied and eclectic.

Apart from the variety, Netflix has been improving the quality of the proposals in the two months that the games have been on the market. It started with very casual basic titles, now the mechanics have been expanding reaching almost to the simulators. The new games, two recently released, are still casual, but there is an attempt to offer more than just mechanical taps on the touch screen.

Netflix decided to get closer to Apple Arcade: exclusive, ad-free, full-featured games and no in-app purchases. Of course, the quality is still far from equal

On Android we have Google Play Pass, a subscription that opens the door to games and apps without ads, most of them premium and with an ever-expanding catalogue. And while Netflix is ​​just getting started, it seems their idea is to get closer to Apple Arcade than Play Pass: their games are exclusive and only accessible to those who have a Netflix subscription.

We think it’s a wise move since, if a gap is made in the panorama, Android users will have a way to access full mobile games without suffering the constant annoyance of advertising. It is still very far from proposals such as Apple Arcade, both in numbers and in quality, it is enough for Netflix to maintain the effort for its idea to end up bearing fruit. Surely good.

A growing catalog and only for Netflix subscribers


Netflix application catalog, both apps and games

The company continues to have its target in streaming content, but it is noted that mobile gaming strategy is here to stay. The catalog is growing little by little with games that also increase in quality.

To access the games, simply go to the Netflix page on Google Play: they are all available there. They are also found in the Netflix application for Android: on the cover there is a carousel of “Games” with all the available ones. Clicking on any of them accesses the download on Google Play, in the end the result is the same: like most Android apps, the installation must be done from the official store.