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Netflix and YouTube, some TVs will not be able to play content in the future?

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Many users are used to thinking that video streaming platforms will be visible forever on their smart TV, since we are certainly not talking about digital terrestrial. However, some rumors leaked online in the last few hours suggest that there may be some major changes in the future.

In fact, according to what was reported by 9to5google and Android Headlines, over the next few years the AV1 codec may become mandatory. In particular, the first platforms involved would be Netflix and YouTube, given that in a Synaptics press release reference is made to the AV1 codec as a requirement for future contents of the aforementioned streaming services. In addition, the latest rumors state that Google could also adopt a similar choice with regard to Android TVs.

As noted by the source, a choice of this type it could have a major impact. In fact, several TVs would potentially be “cut off” from platforms such as Netflix and YouTube, which are particularly popular on TV. However, don’t worry for now: nothing has yet been decided and it is not clear whether the possible choice involves all the contents or only some. A “gradual” update may also take place. In short, currently it is only rumors, which however provide interesting details regarding the direction in which the streaming platforms could go.

For the rest, we remind you that in the meantime it has been announced that Sony TVs of 2021 will support the AV1 streaming codec.

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