Nest Hubs begin to fully integrate with Fitbit and Google Fitbit and offer more than just a data query

Nest Hub 2
nest hubs begin to fully integrate with fitbit and google

Although the Pixel Watch is now official, the first Google watch that will hit the market in the fall, from the company of the great G they do not forget Fitbit. And it is that, after formalizing the purchase of this company, Google has continued to take steps in the integration of the Fitbit brand with the Google ecosystem.

The most recent case is found with the integration of Fitbit and Google Fit data with the Google Assistant. This is news that 9to5Google has advanced and that comes just a few days after Google launched the Health Connect app under early access. And beyond the assistant himself, he highlights what is related to the NestHub and their new interactions with watches and fitness trackers.

Full integration with Nest Hubs has already started

Nest Hub 2

Two weeks ago in the aforementioned medium they echoed how Google Fit and Fitbit were increasingly integrated into Nest Hubs, being able to see activity statistics such as the number of steps. Now it seems that a further step has been taken and now it can even be integrated with the assistant from the mobile.

And what does this mean? So basically we can use Google Assistant to perform queries certain related to the activity recording of a Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch. Specifically, you will be able to obtain reports of activity, distance and heart rate metrics. You can even receive information and suggestions without having to consult the assistant.

Beyond asking the Nest Hub for information through the assistant, it will be proactive and also show information in the form of suggestions or special cards.

Source: 9to5Google

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Prior to this, the corresponding permissions must have been granted to the assistant and it will be enough to go to the wizard settings and follow the path Welfare > Exercise. It will be there where Google Fit or Fitbit can be connected. It should be said that, according to what 9to5Google has tested, both can be connected at the same time, although only one can be active in Google Assistant settings.

From 9to5Google they claim that this is being implemented in a phased manner, so most users do not have access to the settings at the moment. Similarly, it is not available for Google Nest either, although its full integration with Nest Hub 2 and Nest Max Hub should begin tomorrow. In fact, there are indications that health and activity cards are displayed on the main screen.

Via | 9to5Google and Google