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Neopets: 69 million user data and source code captured, hackers still in the system

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The online game Neopets, which was immensely popular 20 years ago, still exists. Now all user data has probably been tapped and the source code captured.

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The browser game Neopets has apparently fallen victim to a particularly serious data leak. According to the US portal BleepingComputer, not only was the user data of 69 million players stolen, but the anonymous hacker still has access to the systems. In the meantime, he has confirmed a new registration and sent the data used to the operator of a hacking forum. The operator of Neopets has now admitted the data theft and is advising users to change their password on the site. However, if the unknown attacker actually still has access, that would not help. In any case, he offers the data for sale for four bitcoins – which corresponds to 90,000 euros.

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As BleepingComputer writes, the unknown person announced on Tuesday in a hacking forum that he had the data. In total, there are 69 million e-mail addresses and passwords secured with our own technology. Birthdays, home countries, IP addresses, names and gender information are also included. It is said to be a database that was leaked in 2014, but at that time it only contained 24 million users. The complete source code and the associated databases are also for sale. This could be used to modify data in the game, it is said.

Neopets has been around since 1999, the online game is about raising virtual animals and exploring their environment. From 2005 to 2014, the game belonged to the US media group Viacom and was marketed under the name of the children’s channel Nickelodeon. Neopets is now owned by the games company JumpStart Games. After the game enjoyed great popularity among children at the beginning of the millennium, the number of players has recently fallen sharply. According to the latest official figures, Neopets had around 100,000 daily active users in 2020, but Reddit has already collected indications that the number could be significantly lower.

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