Neither Spotify nor YouTube Music. This app brings together the best of both worlds: free, Open Source and without ads

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neither spotify nor youtube music this app brings together the.webp.webp.webp

From our Android mobile we can access various music streaming services, such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal and even curiously, Apple Music. Some are free, if we don’t mind their restrictions, although the normal thing will be to subscribe to enjoy music without interruptions.

But sometimes we find quite valid alternatives that bring a breath of fresh air to the Google operating system. One of these is spotubean Open Source and completely free application that you can download and install now to listen to your favorite music.

Spotube has everything you need: playlists, unlimited streaming and even artificial intelligence

Diving through the community of developers who create Android applications on GitHub, we have come across a complete alternative to the main official music streaming applications such as Spotify. This brings together the best of Spotify and YouTube Music, and takes advantage of the APIs of these services to create an app that does not disappoint.

It is Open Sourceor as we would say in Shakespeare’s language: Open Source. Therefore, we can review your code and even modify it, since it is hosted on GitHub. As soon as we install it, we see an interface that will be familiar to us. It follows the design lines of Material You, Google’s latest visual language.

This well-known aesthetic improves the user experience, providing a lower menu with which we will move between the four sections present in the application. First of all, we have a home screen with a feed that we can customize in detail, and includes a second tab where we will see the music organized by genre. Then, we have the search section, which gives us access to our library and a last one for the Spotube settings.

Spotube Android

Precisely, the aforementioned tab brings us closer to the Spotify playlists, such as the Top 50 hits by country, or any other that we find in the popular music service. This is because it uses Spotify APIs to organize the content, getting all the playlists. We can reproduce them in their entirety, and the best thing is that it will do so without ads.

We are not bypassing the platform restrictions, nor is it a “pirated” application. So, how does it manage to serve us music without ads? Well, it’s simpler than it seems: the tracks are not obtained from Spotify’s servers, but from YouTube.

What Spotube does is use the Spotify database, to finally go to YouTube to serve the audio. This whole process is done invisibly, so we will see a player like any other that works without any type of extra configuration.

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It is also not necessary log in with Spotify, being something optional to have our playlists, downloads, and songs we like. In addition, it respects the user’s privacy, asking for only one permission: access to local music. Because of course, it also allows us to play music that we have pre-downloaded

As if these were few reasons to try it, it also has clients for other desktop platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac. It is compatible with sending to the Chromecast, and you can download it from the Play Store (we leave a link in the app file) or from GitHub. He Spotube official website It also gives us more information about how it works.


Open source music streaming app that provides an ad-free and privacy-friendly music experience.

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