Neither anti-spy glass nor covering the screen: I have the definitive trick so that people do not gossip about what I do on my mobile

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neither anti spy glass nor covering the screen i have the.webp.webp.webp

The mobile screen is a magnet for prying eyes, especially in public spaces: it is difficult not to let your eyes wander to whoever is there.

Whenever I get a new smartphone to review, which usually happens several times a month, I go through the same review process. restoration and configuration in order to balance all the analyzes as much as possible. I use the same apps, I maintain the order of the desktop and its icons, I uninstall the bloatware as much as possible and apply two settings to the screen: I reduce the font size to the minimum and I decrease the display size to the maximum. This way I have more space to use and…

I prevent people from reading my screen by reducing the printed information

Reduce Screen Text

I am quite manic with my phones when it comes to setting them up for the first time: on average, I spend more than an hour setting up regardless of whether it is a personal or analysis mobile. And this especially applies to the size of the elements printed on the screen: I like my Android to have as much space as possible. There are even times that I increase the pixel density from the developer settings, especially on high screen diagonals that maintain a tight resolution.

Fortunately, I do not suffer from vision problems, so I can see the letters, icons and other elements perfectly even with the smartphone one meter from my eyes. And, thanks to this very personal way of use, it is very difficult for someone to understand what is on the phone if they look over my shoulders. Even if you sit next to it.

It’s not that I’m excessively fanatic about privacy, but it is true that I don’t like having anyone reading the messages I write, the ones I receive, my Gmail inbox or the articles that I usually scroll through on my mobile whenever I I have some free time. And I can’t stand them anti-peeping screen protectors: since you have to keep them as perpendicular to the view as possible, in the end They end up being an impediment for the owner of the mobile phone.. With the small font and display it doesn’t happen to me.

I do not reduce the font and display strictly for privacy, but it is an extra advantage that I find very positive

The desktops look less crowded, there is more room for shortcuts in the folders (I usually expand the application grid to the maximum, both in the folders themselves and in the app and desktop drawer), I can read more text without having to scroll, I have more space to write and, in the process, I make it difficult for people to gossip on my screen. It seems like a perfect combo to me.

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