Neither AI nor cameras: this is Google’s key to stand out with its Pixel 8

Google had neglected the sale of its phones in physical stores for too long


This week, finally, Google presented the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. And we say “finally” because they must be two of the most leaked phones in history. Months before the presentation we knew most of the details, but a couple of weeks before not only all the features were leaked, but also details such as the price or even official videos and images.

And once we know the new Google phones, we can say that neither the cameras nor the new G3 Tensioner the seven years of updates or the artificial intelligence functions are what can make the Pixel 8 sell well in Spain. The key is something that Google has overlooked for too many generations and, finally, they have realized the importance of both operators and physical stores.

Not everyone buys online and, much less, in the Google store

Google has had a quite peculiar launch policy for its devices. While some peripherals, Chromecasts and even Nest speakers could be purchased in telephone operator stores, Amazon or physical stores, their mobile phones seemed reserved for the Google Store.

It is something that is understood because, in the end, it is where they take 100% of the profit by not having to pay royalties or absolutely anything to third parties. If someone pays 900 euros for a Pixel, those 900 euros go to Google (removing transportation home, of course).

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However, if it is purchased in an external store, the percentage decreases, something that is more accentuated if that store is physical. Now, physical stores, for now, are still important.

Apple is the perfect example with its Apple Store being spaces not only for sales, but also for resolution of doubts and, above all, a point where anyone can go at any time to see in their own hands what a device is like.

Huawei also opened physical stores -that ended up closing relatively recently – with the same purpose and Xiaomi more of the same, with dozens of points in our country. In fact, we ask Realme about the importance of physical stores and confirmed to us that, although they are very strong online, offline points are still essential.

And the thing is, not everyone buys online, and even less so a device of a certain price that they have not been able to touch. For this reason, Google’s new strategy is interesting, since not only They have allied with Orange for sell your Pixel 8 in Spain through an operatorwith very attractive prices, but they are going to raid physical stores.

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will go on sale next October 12 and Anyone can go to a MediaMarkt or El Corte Ingl├ęs to take a look at the devices. They are the two chains that, at least for now, Google has chosen to begin to have a presence on the streets of our country.

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We will see if, with this movement, more users discover not only the benefits of Google mobile phones, but that, directly, Google makes phones.