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Neeva search engine: Google competitor now available in German

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Neeva is now available in Europe and in German. The search engine wants to deliver “unadulterated results” and do without advertising.


No ads, advertising or affiliate links – this is what the search engine advertises with the name Neeva. She is now available in Europe and also speaks German. It was developed by two former Google employees who were dissatisfied with the overload of paid links at the search engine giant. Another distinguishing feature should be the focus on community pages.

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“Neeva focuses on users, giving them the ability to personalize their web searches without ads or advertising,” the press release reads. Search results can be sorted and categorized, you can make a query and “adjust” it with a click under the results on the first page – this means you limit the results to certain media, for example. Only shopping offers can also be displayed, recipes can be explicitly controlled or ratings can be searched for. Well-known tabs for image search, videos, news and places are in the same place as on Google – directly below the search field. Neeva also makes suggestions for similar search queries.

The search engine is to be financed via a freemium model – instead of ads. However, it is not free of third-party cookies. The FAQ states, “If you use Neeva, we associate a limited amount of information about you with your account in order to improve the product for you.” In fact, this is a language well known from Google. The data is automatically deleted after 90 days, “Information will never be sold to third parties or used to sell products to you”. In addition to its own search engine index, the results are currently also from Bing. An account is required to use all functions. The basic version is free, you can also register via Google, Microsoft and Apple. Then, of course, data is linked accordingly. The premium model cannot yet be booked from Germany, but it should follow. It comes with a VPN and password manager, among other things.

With Neeva you can build a dashboard that acts as a start page. In addition to the desktop version, there is an app for iOS and Android. It also includes a tracker blocker. The number of blocked trackers is also displayed immediately. Neeva can be set as the default search engine in the mobile browser.

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“Google dominates the search engine market with a share of over 90 percent. Neeva will challenge this dominance by creating a better search and browsing experience that will delight users,” says Sridhar Ramaswamy, one of the founders. Instead of ignoring community content like Google would, Neeva aims to take this into account. In fact, Google only just announced at its in-house event “Search on” that they also want to display more hits in discussions and forums.

The expansion into the European market, according to the press release, follows a successful $77.5 million Series B funding round in 2021. According to its own statements, Neeva has had more than 600,000 monthly users since its launch in the USA in 2021.

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