Nearby sharing on Android improves: now works when the screen is off

nearby sharing on android improves: now works when the screen
nearby sharing on android improves: now works when the screen


Google Nearby Shareswhich we call Nearby Sharing and is the Android equivalent of Apple’s AirDrop, keeps getting updates and the latest feature lets you share files and text with your devices even when the screen is off. Google has not officially announced this change, but the first indications of availability are starting to emerge according to our experience and that of other users.

Earlier this year the sharing service added support for Windows, allowing you to share files between your Android device and PC, but now, it seems the service has quietly introduced an interesting improvement that will make sharing even more Convenient between devices: The ability to send things to your devices even when the screen is off.

Previously, when opening Nearby Share on a sending device, only devices with their screen on and unlocked could appear in the list of devices to send to. This was done to save battery power, as devices must periodically broadcast their availability via Bluetooth to appear as recipients for reception. Now this will no longer be a big problem, as it was seen that the battery consumption from periodic Bluetooth scans was negligible compared to other actions, hence the decision to improve the function in this regard.


While the top screen still carries a disclaimer that you need to keep both devices unlocked, in our experience this is no longer necessary. We don’t know exactly when this change was introduced, but after reading numerous indications on the net we noticed that Nearby Sharing detects our devices even with the screens off, when before it was necessary to keep the smartphone active. Not only, operation is ensured both between Android devices and between Windows and Android according to our field tests, but let us know in the comments if you have more details to add.

While this change isn’t far-reaching, it makes using Nearby Share even more convenient since you no longer need to pick up your phone and unlock it to receive files this way.

Speaking of Google, did you know that the project to create a new pair of AR glasses has completely foundered? The company will deal only with software, but for more details, we refer you to reading the original news.

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