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NASA scientists are creating a new message to send to aliens

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For centuries, UFO sightings have been an event that has fascinated humanity, generating a whole wave of theories and conspiracies based on the existence of extraterrestrial beings with a humanoid shape that are camouflaged among us.

However, beyond all this entertainment material, the expert community in the field has been focusing its efforts around answering the question of how we could communicate with aliens.

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In this sense, a team of international researchers, led by Jonathan Jiang, member of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has been given the task of finding a solution that answers this question.

Although it has not yet been possible to find evidence that is decisive to assert the existence of extraterrestrial life, their search has not ceased, with China’s FAST telescope and NASA’s James Webb being incorporated into this mission.

For its part, Jiang’s team, from NASA, has been thinking about the structure that will have the message they will create to later transmit it into space in the hope that some form of intelligent extraterrestrial life can capture it. This, as part of the mission Beacon in the Galaxy of which a 13-page article was published.

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Within the work carried out by Jiang and his team to send the message, details such as the best time of the year to carry out its issuance, as well as the potential targets to which it would be directed, being a dense ring of stars located in the center of the Milky Way the option that most resonates in the team’s mind.

It should be noted that the message would include a return addressso that the entities that receive it can point to the exact location of the Earth to send their response to that message.

While figuring out how to send a message to extraterrestrial life forms would be a hurdle to overcome, one might also wonder How will these beings understand this message? once they receive it.

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The answer to this could be found in the vision, according to what was said by Douglas Vacoch, president of METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence). In this sense, Vakoch expressed the following:

One of the key ideas is that since vision has evolved independently many times on Earth, that means aliens will have it too.

Also, the new message composed by Jiang’s team will include a sketch of the human body; man and woman, along with a earth surface map and its position in the galaxy.

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