NASA, replica of the spacewalk outside the ISS of July 21, 2020

Nasa, Replica Of The Spacewalk Outside The Iss Of July 21, 2020
Nasa, Replica Of The Spacewalk Outside The Iss Of July 21, 2020

A spacewalk was held today July 21, 2020 (extravehicular activity) outside the International Space Station (ISS). The astronauts involved are Behnken and Cassidy, two names that by now fans of this field will have learned to know well.

Indeed, the former took part in the historic SpaceX Demo 2 mission, who sent him and his companion, or the astronaut Hurley, safe and sound on the ISS via the Crew Dragon capsule. By the way, the two, protagonists of the mission that gave way to the United States of America to return to make launches of this type from his solo, are about to return to Earth (the scheduled date for landing is August 2 2020).

As for Cassidy, however, it is the astronaut who welcomed Behnken and Hurley on their arrival on the International Space Station, as well as the one who rang the NASDAQ opening bell. In addition, the more careful of you will also remember that Cassidy lost a mirror during a previous spacewalk. In short, the protagonists of the extravehicular activity today are two known names.

In any case, the objective of today’s spacewalk 21 July 2020 was to improve the ISS’s power supply system, in a similar way to what happened with previous extravehicular activities. Among the various activities carried out during the walk, we find the positioning of Ethernet cables and the preparation of the Tranquility module in anticipation of the arrival of the Airlock Bishop of NanoRacks, scheduled for October 2020.

In short, during the several hours of extravehicular activity, Behnken and Cassidy have done several important tasks. By the way, the spacewalk was broadcast live on NASA’s official YouTube channel. You can see the replica through the player above.