NASA has released a playlist of “mysterious space voices”

These sounds are like something breaking, rattling or a space creature whistling.  (Photo: File)

Pasadena, California: The US space agency NASA has released a selection of various space sounds recorded from its spacecraft in the form of a playlist on SoundCloud.

In addition to the actual sounds of Jupiter’s thick clouds and Martian earthquakes, the recorded radio signals from the Chandra X-ray space telescope, Voyager I spacecraft and Planck’s satellite have been converted into audible sounds.

These sounds, though not frightening, are strange, and they sound as if something were breaking, rattling, or a space creature was whistling.

It should be noted that sound needs a material medium to travel, which is why sound waves cannot travel in space. However, electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic waves) can travel with great ease, at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second.

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