“My thesis in 3 minutes” or when Orange promotes its doctoral students

On November 28, 29 and 30, the Orange Open Tech Days 2023 will highlight all of the Orange Group’s technological advances that respond to major societal challenges, particularly through the “My thesis in 3 minutes” competition.

A key player in digital innovation, Orange is working on the future of telecoms on such strategic subjects as cybersecurity, quantum, 5G optimization using artificial intelligence and video encoding. The Research and Innovation activity is carried out by 8,000 people in the Group through entities in France, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In order to better understand their professions, their fields of research and popularize the scientific word, the Group is organizing the Orange Open Tech Days on November 28, 29 and 30 at Orange Gardens, the group’s innovation campus, and on Hello Future . One of the highlights of this event: the “My thesis in 3 minutes” competition, in partnership with Futura, will demonstrate all the inventiveness, pedagogy but above all the obvious link between research and innovation.

The competition has started! Watch the candidates’ presentations by clicking on the video player and vote for the doctoral student of your choice!

Research at Orange Innovation

Some 733 researchers in France and internationally, including 120 doctoral and post-doctoral students, are focused on medium and long-term developments in Orange’s operator profession. Faced with major technological breakthroughs such as generative artificial intelligence or cloud services, the strategy is to work in open innovation to capture trends, bring out new solutions and benefit from the skills and contributions of the entire ecosystem.

A thesis, a slide and three minutes

The Orange Open Tech Days will therefore be an opportunity to showcase all the research carried out with demonstrations, conferences, but also an oratory competition, “My thesis in 3 minutes”. Aimed at its community of 2nd and 3rd year doctoral students , this initiative allows them to present their thesis using simple language accessible to all audiences, using a single slide and all in 180 seconds.

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Three prizes awarded: one from the public and two by a jury of experts

In front of an audience made up of professionals, teachers, students and members of the general public, one prize will be awarded by the public and two by the jury of experts, chaired by Jean Bolot, Orange Innovation Research Senior Vice President. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in a learning expedition in the Orange ecosystem.

Develop scientific popularization

The competition is also an opportunity for doctoral students to develop their skills in public speaking and scientific popularization. The 8 selected candidates benefited from support from the school of public speaking and the “The conversation” team. Knowing how to stage yourself, acquiring the right posture, knowing how to captivate your audience, working on your eloquence, structuring and popularizing messages, everything has been done so that they are ready on the big day.

The number one patent applicant among European operators

This competition represents a great way to showcase the scientific research of the Group’s more than 120 doctoral and post-doctoral students. For Orange, it is an opportunity to highlight their fields of research, to raise awareness of Orange’s doctoral program in line with international standards, and to attract talent. The Group has also dedicated 605 million euros in 2022 to research and innovation and represents the leading patent filer among European operators in its areas of activity, including 200 new inventions protected by patent on average. every year.

The competition has started! Watch the candidates’ presentations by clicking on the video player and vote for the doctoral student of your choice!

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