My router does not detect the Ethernet cable, how do I fix it?

my router does not detect the ethernet cable, how do
my router does not detect the ethernet cable, how do

Ethernet cable

The best way to connect to the Internet if we want maximum speed is to do it through the router with an Ethernet cable. It is not always the most comfortable but it is a recommended option. But, what if it doesn’t work? We explain what are the steps you should follow if the router does not detect the Ethernet cable.

Although calling the technician to fix it is always the easiest way if you don’t know anything about a router or fiber, it is not always necessary. A few basic checks may be enough to fix the problem without help.

try another jack

The first thing we can do in these cases is try another pin. If it doesn’t detect the Ethernet cable you just plugged it into, the first step is to try another. maybe just that plug is broken and it does not work but that the others are perfectly. It will only take a few seconds to verify this.

Ethernet port of a router to connect the Samsung Smart TV

check the wire

The problem may not be with the plug itself but with the cable. If changing the plug does not work either and the router does not detect the Ethernet cable, change the cable. We usually have more than one per house so this will not be a problem. Connect another cable to the different pins and see if it works or not.

There are specific devices that allow us to check if a network cable is in good condition or if it is broken. Can find them on Amazon for less than 10 or 15 euros and it can be useful to have one at home. But it is not usual that we have it if we do not dedicate ourselves to something related to it. You also don’t need to buy it if you think you’re not going to use it again. We just need to test the cable on other devices to see if the problem was with the cable. For example, connect it to the computer and to the Internet socket. Or to the Smart TV. Check if cable internet works. If not, you know it’s failing.

crimp the wire

It is not a method available to everyone but it is another option that you can consider. Not everyone has a crimper at home but crimping the cable may be the solution if the router does not detect it. You can crimp the two ends to see if this solves the failure and the Ethernet cable starts to work correctly.

Of course, it is not an advisable process if you do not know how to do it or if you do not have patience since it requires some minimal knowledge and maybe it’s not worth the effort

change the wire

If you know that it is the cable and you should try another one and buy it, you have to keep some fundamental aspects in mind. The first thing you should keep in mind is that we must bet on quality network cables. Or renew them if the ones you have at home have been with you for many years. Not all cables are the same And they have categories. Not all allow us the maximum contracted speed, for example.

Depending on the one you choose, it has maximum speeds and one or the other frequencies. So it’s important that renew your cables and look at the features and specifications before choosing one. It’s not worth anyone. His thing is that, in case it is broken, bet on a CAT 6A or higher Ethernet cable. The previous categories are now deprecated and are not recommended.


Contact your operator

If none of the above works, there may be an error in the router or simply that there is a fault that you do not know how to solve. In this case, we must contact the customer service of the company that we have contracted and notify us that there is a fault in our router. Maybe they can guide us to repair it. If not, they will send a technician in the following days. The technician will see where the fault is and will fix it. In case there is no solution, they could replace the router with a new one.

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