My mobile data is not working: seven ways to solve this problem

Mobile phones became pocket computers in the first decade of this century. The arrival of the iPhone catapulted mobility connectivity to unimaginable levels, and Android did the rest, popularizing the ability to have the Internet in your pocket. Mobile operators did their part by installing telephone networks that provided service to users .

This made mobile phones overtake computers when it came to connecting to the Internet, whether at home under Wi-Fi coverage or on the go, using the data contracted in the rate with the corresponding operator. However, sometimes this data can cause problems.

There are times when you try to use your mobile phone without Wi-Fi coverage and various problems prevent it. Sometimes the fault lies with the terminal, sometimes with the software configuration, and sometimes with the operator . You can always try to solve it before contacting our company.

Mobile data causes problems

Data off . One of the most common causes of mobile data not working is that, by mistake or carelessness, it has been turned off. Many mobile phones have a button in the quick settings area that activates and deactivates the data, so if it has been pressed accidentally it will be impossible to connect. You can also check this in the Settings, in the networks and Communication section.

Access points . Another classic problem, which is seen less and less, is not having access points configured. They are parameters in the mobile Settings that have to be in a specific way, according to each operator, to be able to operate correctly. Normally, mobile phones set them on their own, but in some cases it is necessary to set them manually. APNs can be configured easily .

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Limited mobile data . Many phones come with a default mobile data usage limit. Normally, it is a warning without major consequences, but their use may also be restricted. You simply have to go to Settings and remove the limit, or raise it to match the data rate.

SIM incorrectly inserted or damaged . Although the SIM card is not an element that usually breaks down, if you have had it for many years and have changed phones on several occasions, it may be damaged, mostly due to scratches. The mobile phone itself might not even detect it. It is also possible that, when removing and inserting it, the SIM tray was not closed properly, which means that the chip does not make contact.

Bad coverage . A very common problem in certain locations is that the mobile operator does not have coverage, which is why the mobile phone cannot be connected to the Internet. This is easy to check since in the upper right corner not only the type of connection (5G, 4G, LTE…) but also its intensity is indicated.

Network saturation . A similar problem occurs in certain crowds, such as when there is a soccer match, being on the beach at a time when there are many people, at a large party… Networks can collapse and Even though we have perfect coverage, the antennas are not enough to cover the needs of the users present there.

Mobile rate. The normal thing in Spain is to have unlimited data with many rates, but this is not always the case. If our operator offers a number of GB per month and they have run out, the normal thing is that you can continue browsing at no added cost, but at a lower speed, but there are also cases in which the connection is cut off.

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All these parameters must be taken into account if we have connection problems with the mobile. To check if it is the terminal and not the data, you can try to connect to a Wi-Fi network, either from a conventional router or by asking someone to generate one with their phone, to rule out that it is not a hardware problem.