My Android has a green line on the screen: three possible reasons and five possible solutions

My Android has a green line on the screen: three possible reasons and five possible solutions
my android has a green line on the screen: three

With the passage of time we have been forgetting that in the past the screens turned on suddenly and suddenly turned off. When there was a failure, the failure was total and usually caused us to not be able to see anything. But now screens are divided into millions of tiny cells, the pixels or photodiodes, and screen failures can also be partial.

In addition, those failures can be caused by a mistake in the hardware and also in the software, because now the screens are sewn into small computers. In our case, to our mobile phone. So if at any time a green line appears on your Android that crosses it from one end to the other, you may have a simpler solution (although no less laborious) than it seems. Let’s look at possible problems first.

Three possible problems

For a green line to appear that crosses your screen from end to end, normally vertically or horizontally (very rarely it will be an oblique line), we can be facing three types of problem, although the first one we are going to build in a way somewhat grouped, as it could be several problems in one. So the green line can answer three types of problem.

  1. The first one is a hardware problem. It’s hard, but that’s how it is. Your phone has been damaged. Not your phone, in fact, but your screen or some of the internal parts of the phone that control it. It may be due to the screen’s own connector with the phone’s motherboard, which may be damaged or come loose due to a blow, or it may be a defect in the screen itself. The panels also failed and it could have been a blow, water got in, a small short circuit. Many reasons.

  2. The second possibility is that it is an application that is incompatible with your mobile, with the technology of your screen or with its resolution. It is true that this error is extremely rare, since the Android SDK already takes care that the resolutions adapt to some screens or others in a fairly transparent way. But it can happen. It may be that the app you are using is poorly designed and this error occurs. In this case it is easily detectable as the green line will appear using an app but not with the rest. If this is your case, uninstall it and end of the problem.

  3. The third possibility again has to do with the software, but in this case with your mobile phone. It is possible that your phone has recently been updated and there was an error during the process, which may have caused a failure in the drivers responsible for sending the image to the screen. Or maybe the problem is that the phone’s own software, the operating system, contains this error.

Five possible solutions

Now that we have told you what the possible problems are that have led to you seeing a green line that crosses the screen of your phone, we are going to tell you what the possible solutions are. The last one, unfortunately, is the most drastic and painful.

  1. Reboot the phone. Something as simple as that can solve the problem. If the error caused by the line was an execution error (while some part of the system was running), it can be solved by rebooting.
  2. Reboot the phone in safe mode. This way of starting phones allows the mobile to run the operating system in a very limited way, only with the essentials and leaving aside all the additions. If the error causing the green line on your phone is somewhere in the software, safe mode will let you know if it is a serious error or not.
  3. Update your phone. In this case, perhaps an update can fix the problem because the manufacturer may have already detected it before you and the solution is ready. So if you have any pending system updates, tell it to go ahead.
  4. Reset the phone. Format it. Here we are not talking about rebooting as such, a painless process, but about formatting. To return your phone to the initial factory state. This will help clean any software that has gotten into the phone (via app, via update, via malware) and the line can be erased.
  5. Call technical support. If none of these four methods work, you may not be facing a software error but a hardware error. The first we describe to you. Perhaps the problem is with the board of your phone, the connectors or the screen itself. Then all you have left is to call the technical service so they can take a look at it and tell you what it is and how it can be fixed. And if it’s the latter that’s causing the green line on your Android, we’re so sorry.
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