My Amazon Prime Day warning: Please don’t buy PC or laptops using these CPUs

mdvamyhqt2l4cmhq7khixh 1200 80.jpg
mdvamyhqt2l4cmhq7khixh 1200 80.jpg

Preparing for our Prime Day PC deal page, I looked at more than 100 computers – some of which featured in our best mini PC guide – available at Amazon that sell for less than $200 – at the time of writing – and identified their processors in a bid to find out the best buys. 

I identified 20 different CPUs and looked for their scores on Passmark, one of the most popular benchmarking software on the market, to identify the worst performers, the ones to avoid at all cost if you don’t want to end up with a PC that’s slow as a snail for your Amazon Prime Day and is not compatible with Windows 11.

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