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MWC: on video the next flying taxi for cities

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During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) In Barcelona, ​​Spain, where TechSmart is located, the prototype of flying taxi which could be released during the year 2025.

infobaewho is present at the event at Fira de Barcelona, ​​was able to learn that the telecommunications company, SK Telecom is in charge of the project and who developed the air vehicle together with the American company Joby Aviation.

On the other hand, because the vehicle is electric, it does not generate a great impact on the environment as other vehicles do. air vehicles similar as the helicopters.

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According to Joby Aviation, the vehicle developed with funds from the Asian country has 6 electric motors They are used to take off and land vertically as a conventional helicopter would, with the difference that the propellers generate less noise.


The specifications of the aerial vehicle They also indicate that it has a capacity of five people, counting a pilot and four occupants at the same time. It is also ensured that the maximum speed is approx. 321.8 kilometers per hourwhich allows covering an approximate stretch of 241 kilometers in the least amount of time possible.

According to statements by the head of development of SK Telecom, Ha Ming-Yong, it is expected that in the year 2025 These vehicles may be enabled and already available to provide their services to the first users in certain areas within USA and that can be expanded later to other areas.

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“If we demonstrate that the service has a quality accepted by the public, the service area may be extended to tourism and other services such as medicine”, according to the representative of the South Korean company to the CNBC chain of the United States.


In addition to starting the development of the service including pilots human resources to direct the path of the aircraft, SK Telecom is also projecting that the air taxis using these vehicles it could be autonomous in the future, so it will require the development of new technology of artificial intelligence that must be incorporated into the vehicles in the following years.

SK Telecom and Joby Aviation created an electric vehicle for the air taxi service. (Capture)
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One of the necessary requirements for this will be that each transport unit must have access to a stable connection to networks 5G to be able to carry out their activities and flight itineraries in a controlled and safe manner without having to resort to driving a pilot human, so it could qualify as a drone.

The forecast on the availability of the service in the following decades indicates that, at least by the year 2050, there should already be at least 160,000 electric drones unmanned vehicles that transport customers of the service between nearby heliports or airports, in addition to generating an approximate 90,000 million dollars in the air transport market.

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However, before beginning the process of incorporating unmanned units, Ha believes that first it will be necessary to gain the trust of the people who could potentially use his services. “Over the next few years we will have to ensure that the service is secure,” he said at the Mobile World Congress.

Joby Aviation is already manufacturing more units so that the air transport service can be available within the company’s estimated deadlines and ensures that even when this vehicle has a function similar to that of a helicopterthe noise it produces in the air is much less than the air vehicles conventional.

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