Musk thanks Apple for supporting the change to Twitter and more.


The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk thanks Apple and has expressed his gratitude for the support in the change of the Twitter platform, as well as for being one of its largest and most loyal advertisers even with the controversy it has unleashed.

In the following paragraphs we will analyze the details of this thanks and what it means for the future of social networks.

Apple is said to have reduced its investment in advertising on Twitter after Elon Musk became CEO, which would have angered Musk.

Although Apple may not have reduced spending due to previous commitments, this would have been enough to upset Musk.

Musk thanks Apple, and here’s a possible cause.

Musk thanked Apple after Twitter announced changes to its platform to make it more secure and less toxic.

These measures are expected to include new ways to combat harassment and hate speech on the platform, thus improving the user experience.

Musk thanked Apple for its support on these changes, suggesting that Apple has worked in collaboration with Twitter to develop these new security measures.

However, it is not known exactly what kind of support Apple has provided, but what will all these measures have in hand?

According to an internal Twitter document, Apple was the top advertiser on the platform, spending $48 million and accounting for 4% of the social network’s total revenue during a given period.

Importantly, this investment by Apple in advertising on Twitter shows the relevance of the platform as an effective means of reaching a broad audience and demonstrates the importance of social media marketing today.

Also, Apple’s preference for Twitter as an advertising platform may be an indication that the Cupertino company considers the social network to be a valuable space to reach its target audience.

What does this change mean for the future of social media?

Twitter has announced measures to combat bullying and hate speech on its platform, acknowledging a problem that has plagued social networks for years.

However, this change also highlights how difficult it is to resolve these issues.

It is difficult to balance freedom of expression with the safety and well-being of users, and any solution must take into account the complexity of society.

Despite this, Twitter’s change is an important step in the right direction, as it shows that the platform is taking the well-being of its users seriously.

For Apple, this support for Twitter may also be an opportunity to improve its own position in the social networking market.

Musk thanks Apple, and thinks about a social network?

Although Apple doesn’t have its own social media platform, the company has expressed interest in this space in the past.

In 2019, it was reported that Apple was working on a social media app called “clips” that would allow users to share videos and photos with their contacts.

Although it is not clear if clips is still in development, the fact that Apple is working on social media solutions suggests that the company sees value in this space.

If Apple works with platforms like Twitter to tackle bullying and hate speech, it can improve its reputation in the social media market.

However, Apple is unlikely to become a dominant force in social media due to the large user base other platforms already have.

But if Apple commits to offering a safer and less toxic experience for users, it could appeal to those looking for safer alternatives to existing platforms.

Musk thanks Apple and Disney according to Variety.

According to Variety, Musk thanked Apple and Disney for continuing to be Twitter’s top advertisers during his speech at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference in San Francisco on March 7, 2023.

He also stated that his “immediate and drastic action is helping save Twitter from bad finances.

According to Variety’s report, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, thanked Apple and Disney for continuing to advertise on Twitter, despite security concerns surrounding the platform.

Musk tweeted “A special thanks to Apple, Google and Disney for staying the top advertisers on Twitter. Very brave, especially at times like this.”

“There have been some bumps in the road, but this is to be expected,” he said. “Now we have the opportunity to convert [Twitter] into something spectacular.”

“I don’t want to cuss him out or anything,” he continued, “but I think we have an opportunity to be cash flow positive in the second quarter.”

Musk grateful for Apple’s support after his notoriety.

Elon Musk’s possible reference to “moments like thiscould be related to Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Donald Trump in January 2021.

Despite the controversy surrounding the move, Apple and Disney maintained their advertising presence on Twitter.

After Tim Cook gave him a tour of Apple Park, Musk apparently stopped showing his anger on Twitter towards Apple, who continued to advertise on the platform.

Prior to this, Musk accused Apple of threatening to remove Twitter from the App Store without giving an explanation, and in turn threatening to create an alternative phone if this happened.

After the tour, Musk said that Apple had never considered removing Twitter from the App Store.

Musk’s behavior demonstrates the importance of advertising on Twitter for businesses and suggests that the platform remains a relevant venue for advertising and brand promotion, despite concerns for the safety and well-being of users.

The result of collaboration and cordiality.

Collaboration between platforms like Twitter and companies like Apple is key to solving the problems of harassment and hate speech on social networks, as well as helping to stand up for each other.

Musk’s compliments on Apple indicate that social media is moving in a safer direction.

If Apple demonstrates its commitment to user safety on social media, it could appeal to those looking for a safer alternative.

The presence of large companies on Twitter shows that it is still a relevant platform for online advertising.

We can say that the collaboration and support of companies are crucial to guarantee the safety and well-being of users in social networks and promote a healthier online environment, it is also a strategy to help and lift these companies, the cordiality is not free and in the business world everything is for a profit.

Twitter’s interim CEO said the company could be cash flow positive in the second quarter and vowed to name a new CEO after stabilizing the platform by keeping its heavyweight advertisers.