Multiple Whatsapp accounts in one app

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whatsapp multicuenta.jpg

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, plans to take a big step forward in its functionality by allowing users to access multiple accounts from the same app. The function of multi-account supporthighly requested by its users, is already under development.

The multi-account function in detail

Multi-account support was detected in the last beta version of WhatsApp Business for Android When fully implemented, this feature will allow users to use two or more WhatsApp accounts on a single device, without the need to create a second copy of the app.

This new functionality is a significant advance for those who use the functionality of dual SIM on their phones and actively use WhatsApp with both numbers. It will allow you to manage conversations, notifications and file sharing in both accounts from the same application.

Impact on the messaging market

This novelty places WhatsApp in a more competitive position compared to Telegram, one of the rival messaging platforms that already offers multi-account support in its application. It seems that WhatsApp is still struggling to close the feature gap with its competitors, introducing new features to match or exceed the features offered by Telegram.

future expectations

The multi-account feature is currently Developing and is expected to make its first appearance on the beta channel before its public release. It is not yet clear if this multi-account support will be extended to associated devices.

Although this feature was discovered during the development of the enterprise app, there is no indication that it is an enterprise-only tool. This suggests that, in the future, it will be available to all WhatsApp users, without distinction.

The development of the multi-account support feature represents a fundamental stage in the evolution of WhatsApp. Not only does it offer a solution to a common problem among dual SIM users, but it also reflects the platform’s commitment to staying competitive and relevant in the changing landscape of messaging apps. It is a significant step in their effort to offer a more integrated and efficient user experience.

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