Multi-device WhatsApp is also coming to Android tablets

whatsapp, the ability to edit sent messages is getting closer
whatsapp, the ability to edit sent messages is getting closer

Long last WhatsApp is also coming to Android tablets: In the latest Beta of the messaging client, a limited number of testers appeared to be able to connect even devices with large displays in what is called companion mode via multi-device technology. Basically, it is a process completely similar to what we have been observing for a few months on desktop, but aimed at other mobile devices.

The screenshot below, published by the colleagues of WABetaInfoshows a salient part of the activation procedure: as usual, it is based on QR codes. The main device (i.e. the smartphone where the SIM connected to the account is active) must go to the Settings section Connected devices and frame the generated code on the secondary one – in this case precisely the tablet.

Compared to how it worked previously, this multi-mode, which we remember supports up to a total of 4 devices connected to the same account, it does not require the main device to be connected to the internet. So, trivially: if you are out and about and your smartphone runs out or breaks down, you can continue to use the platform even on the tablet. Note that the main device does not necessarily have to be an Android smartphone: it can also be an iPhone.

The source reports that in this very first phase of testing some more advanced features, such as sharing the location on the secondary device, are not available, but it is safe to assume that they will arrive at a later time.

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