Multi-device functions come to Android: you can share Google services between several mobile phones and tablets

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Google Android multi-device

Android users are in luck and will soon receive a software update with the implementation of new functions that will allow connecting Google services on multiple devices simultaneously. In this way, a feature that is already present in other companies, such as Apple, will be integrated, creating an ecosystem full of multiple possibilities. From now on, you can synchronize mobile phones and tablets.



Google continues to improve its main functions to use all its services simultaneously on Android devices, in such a way that they are compatible with each other, thus developing a much more unified environment. All of this joins the application that the technology giant launched last year to navigate the menu of your mobile phone through the Chromebook. How will this new system be used?

Multi-device features on Android

Android mobile phones and tablets will soon link Google features to allow users to group their devices, as long as they are connected to the same Google account. This finding was revealed by the X user (Twitter) AssembleDebugthe same one that found the new feature on Chromebooks.

To echo this, the expert managed to enable some flags (flags) for developers and was able to check out the new services coming for version 06.24.12. There you could see the Devices and sharing menu that now presents a tab Cross-device services.

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Cross Device Services in Google Play Services

✓ Call Cast
✓ Wifi Sharing
✓ Hotspot Sharing

Might be enabled in upcoming beta version of Play Services. Screenrecord is from version 24.06.12, enabled with a lot of flags.

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February 13, 2024 • 20:31




According to the author of the post, Cross Device Services (multi-device services) will be available in Google Play Services through an update that will arrive at a date yet to be determined, but is expected to land next month. Likewise, this tool is only included in Chromebooks and mobile computers, but tablets and other devices are expected to integrate it sooner rather than later.

With all this, Google wants to make it much easier to access its entire domain and, to make it a reality, it is advisable to use these devices at the same time, with the main objective of sharing any application on the platforms, just like Apple does with its iPhones. , iPad and Mac. However, it should be emphasized again that this will only be possible with other devices that have logged in with the same Google profile.

How is it done?

It all starts with creating a group of devices that use the same Google account. You can press the button Add this device to add the one that is being used at that precise moment or select Invite your other devices to send a notification and associate them.

Immediately afterwards, a series of functions will be activated:

  • Call Cast: Also called Call switching, we can answer calls from other devices or transfer a call from one to another, for example, in the event that we answer with our smartphone and want to continue talking from a tablet.
  • WiFi Sharing: Anyone who owns an Android phone or tablet will be able to share Wi-Fi automatically without having to enter the password.
  • Hotspot Sharing: is similar to the previous one and allows users to connect to the Internet between several devices, sharing the network access point.



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