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MSI Optix MAG281URF leaps to the next generation with 4K UHD, 144Hz and HDMI 2.1

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Expanding its family of Optix monitors, MSI has just introduced its latest 4K UHD gaming monitor, the Optix MAG281URF, equipped with a 27.9-inch panel and 4K UHD resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate achieved via HDMI 2.1.

As part of your last bet for this family, The Optix MAG281URF will feature Rapid IPS panel technology, which promises to eliminate image distortion and provide minimal color shifting when viewed from different angles. Regarding the response time, this type of panel allows it to be reduced to 1 ms Gray-to-Gray (recommended for playing video games) thanks to the fact that liquid crystal molecules are capable of rotating with a speed up to 4 times faster than standard IPS panels.

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Furthermore, the Optix MAG281URF color gamut is also outstanding, reaching DCI-P3 95% and sRGB 124% values, above 90% of other gaming monitors; along with specifications of brightness up to 400 nits and HDR 400 enhancement for a better gaming experience.

MSI Optix MAG281URF leaps to the next generation with 4K UHD, 144Hz and HDMI 2.1 29

On the other hand, considering its positioning as a gaming monitor, although its primary orientation is oriented towards new generation consoles, this monitor continues to have support for image synchronization technology. AMD FreeSync, being also compatible with the solution NVIDIA G-Sync.

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Additionally, this monitor has advanced technologies for eye protection and care, with MSI’s Less Blue Light Premium feature, a built-in EYESAFE certified hardware solution that reduces harmful light emission wavelengths and maintains color gamut and color temperature to display flawless image quality.

Although it is more interesting the presence of MSI’s KVM feature, which not only allows gamers to control 2 devices via a set of keyboards and mice connected to a monitor, but also supports file transfer in PBP modes.

Already registered on the official website of the brand, unfortunately at the moment we do not know no details about its launch date or price, which are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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