Mr Flashy orders henchmen to stand at door of Dublin house over assassination fears

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Gangster Mr Flashy is using a doorman – to sound the alarm if a rival comes to his house to murder him, it has emerged.

The Star has learned that the mob boss has ordered one of his henchmen to stand at the door of his north Dublin bolthole – because he fears an imminent assassination bid.

It’s understood the Finglas-based gangster fears pals of slain rival James “Wheela” Whelan are about to launch a bid to murder him in revenge for his shooting last month.

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And he is now using one of his own men as a human early warning system – to tell him if a hit team comes for him.

“He has a doorman keeping sketch,” a source confirmed last night.

Sources have revealed that Flashy – one of Dublin’s most dangerous criminals – is now holed up in a house in Finglas and is afraid to venture outside in case associates of Whelan, 29, try to kill him.

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Whelan’s pals blame him for his murder in Finglas on April 3 – and are now out for his blood.

Sources say gardai have intelligence that two Finglas-based hitmen have been approached to target Flashy, whose mob deals drugs all over the city.

Flashy is believed to be aware of the imminent hit and has now taken to staying in his HQ in Finglas and is using his men to mount a permanent guard on his front door in case the gunmen come for him.

“He is very worried,” a source said last night.

“He is relieved when gardai patrol the area around where he is staying as he thinks that will offer him some protection.

“But there is word that two lads have taken on the contract for him, so he is in extreme danger now.”

The Star previously revealed that associates of Whelan are determined to kill Flashy in revenge for his murder.

They have identified Mr Flashy as being behind the murder of the 29-year-old in Finglas even though gardai do not suspect he fired the fatal shot.

And it’s understood investigators now fear a hit is on the cards.

Whelan, who was a former associate of Flashy but later became involved in a vicious feud with his drugs gang, was shot after he petrol bombed a property connected to his enemy in Finglas early in the morning of April 3.

Whelan carried out that attack in revenge for a house linked to an associate of his being shot up hours earlier.

Sources say Whelan was seen by Flashy’s men when he carried out the petrol bomb attack and at least one of them chased him.

He ran for his life but a key ally of Flashy pulled out a gun and fired a single shot at Whelan – hitting him in the back.

He was mortally wounded and died at the scene, despite the initial efforts of bystanders and then paramedics to save him.

Sources told The Star that Whelan was hit with a lucky shot – and almost escaped his killer.

A vicious war of words has now erupted between Flashy’s so-called Gucci Gang and associates of Whelan – but investigators fear those words will now soon turn into action.

Whelan, who had over 50 convictions, had fallen out with Mr Flashy — who gained his nickname from his constant flaunting of his wealth and designer gear on social media — in recent months.

The feuding between both sides reached boiling point when an associate of Mr Flashy was abducted, beaten and dumped in Finglas earlier this year.

Whelan’s murder marks a new departure for the Finglas feud, which had only seen violent attacks and assaults before he was ruthlessly shot dead.

Gardai fear further violence between the feuding gangs with sources saying gardai now believe a key associate of Mr Flashy was the gunman who shot Whelan.

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