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Mozilla brings Firefox 105 and improvements to Thunderbird 102

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The new version of the free Firefox browser is said to be more stable. Thunderbird has seen a number of minor improvements.


Firefox 105 and Thunderbird 102.3 are available now. In the browser there is now an option to only print the current page when using the print preview. New is the support of partitioned service workers in third-party contexts. Service workers can be registered in a third-party iframe, it is then subdivided under the top-level domain.

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Also, Firefox is ready for the User Timing L3 specification, which adds additional optional arguments to the performance.mark and merformance.measure methods to provide custom start and end times, duration, and attached details. Searching for individual items in large lists should now be twice as fast. This performance improvement replaces array.includes and array.indexOf with an optimized SIMD version.

Swipe-to-navigate is now activated specifically for Windows: you can use two fingers to move the history backwards or forwards on the touchpad, depending on the swiping direction of the fingers. According to the release notes, the stability under Windows should also have been significantly improved, since Firefox can deal better with little memory.

Scrolling on the touchpad has been improved for Mac users. Accidental scrolling against the intended scroll axis has been reduced. On Linux, Firefox runs out of memory less often. The browser works more efficiently for the rest of the system when memory is running low.

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Firefox version 102.3 with long-term support is now available. Mozilla has fixed several security vulnerabilities in both versions of the browser and in the email client Thunderbird. Among other things, attackers could have injected their own code.

Thunderbird has already been released as version 102. With version 102.3, however, there are a few small bug fixes. What has changed is that Thunderbird no longer tries to import account passwords when importing an account. Devtools performance profiles also use Thunderbird presets instead of web developer presets. Among other things, problems with saving emails and images, attaching OpenPGP keys, recognizing a maximum of two email addresses in the address book and some others that can be found in the release notes have been fixed.

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