Movistar+ users go crazy thanks to the arrival of HBO Max

movistar+ users go crazy thanks to the arrival of hbo max
movistar+ users go crazy thanks to the arrival of hbo max

Movistar users already have access to HBO Max content , the streaming platform that has been added to the operator’s television service a little ahead of schedule. The reaction from the public has been even greater than expected, confirming the great decision that the entity has made.

A few hours ago, social networks exploded with tons of messages in which users welcomed HBO Max in the Movistar+ television service. Some reacted with surprise, since they were not aware of what was coming, while others concentrated on starting to update their lists of content to watch later.

More than 15,000 extra titles at no cost

Movistar has also sent an email to its customers to inform them of the good news . That he introduced this novelty at the beginning of the Easter holidays is, obviously, one of the best things that could have happened. The operator knows that it is the best time to keep its customers entertained and a perfect way to dive into the enormous catalog that HBO Max adds.

After all, we are talking about a streaming service that has hundreds of series , movies and a level of entertainment that stands out for how varied it is. There are both classic series and cartoons of many styles and, no less important, DC Comics productions that are always pleasant to see.

Included in Total Fiction plans

As Movistar reminds, subscribers who have one of the Total Fiction packages receive access to HBO Max at no cost. Furthermore, you don’t have to do anything at all. The content, as we have been seeing in the last few hours, has simply been added and has begun to appear . Users echoed this on social networks with their messages and we saw how many were already preparing by choosing what they wanted to see first. It is not easy, since there is variety to give and take.

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This addition comes after Movistar did the same with SkyShowtime before the end of 2023 . It shows that the operator has found the key to its growth, since what it is doing is providing users with access to the best streaming content so that they do not have to leave their environment when enjoying it. Now there will be many people who will leave their HBO Max subscriptions just as they once did with SkyShowtime. And not only to save, but also as a way to have unified content within the same service, something that ends up being much more important than you can imagine.

The only thing that happened a few hours ago was that the content was not easy to locate in its entirety. Practically the entire HBO Max catalog is integrated into Movistar Plus+, but some movies or series were a little hidden. This is something that we will possibly see change over the next few hours, but, in the meantime, there are already users who share their tricks. For example, go to the “Premiere Series” tab to find some of the latest news. In any case, it’s all a matter of looking to discover the many contents that this novelty provides.

In the month of May, HBO Max will become Max and Movistar will also experience that change . This will mean even more news, since the transformation will bring content to Max that had not been available previously. It is, in short, a time of very good news for users of the Movistar television service, who will not lack entertainment for weeks. Whether you want to discover a new series, re-watch one of the classics or binge-watch DC Comics, Harry Potter and other famous Warner brands, now is the time.

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