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Movistar and Vodafone are spared from burning. Caixabank is the worst company of the year

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There have been thirteen editions and in the last seven Movistar and Vodafone have won the award for the worst company of the year according to the Federation of Consumers in Action. For the first time, a bank has imposed itself on telecommunications and also electricity companies and has just been crowned the worst company of the past 2022.

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The Catalan bank has received the 39% of the votes of FACUA’s partners and has won the worst company of the year, ahead of Endesa and Vodafone, which were also nominated. It is the first time that a bank has won this terrible award and it shows how banks come to be in the eye of the hurricane for different reasons such as abuses with their clients, the collection of commissions and non-contracted services or the lousy customer service. The votes that took place last March have collected some complaints from FACUA members who mainly criticize that the bank is “defrauding money” by charging expenses for the formalization of mortgages. Voters have also pointed out that it is one of the entities that charges usurious interest on loans and abusive commissions. As if that were not enough, it is one of the banks that refuses to return amounts stolen in campaigns of phishing (identity theft via email) and smishing (via text SMS on mobile phones).

The worst abuse of 2022

Along with the award for the worst company according to FACUA, users have chosen the rise in general food prices as the worst abuse, which has caused inflation to skyrocket and the Government had to reduce VAT on some of them to treat to alleviate the purchase invoice. Other abuses that could be pointed out had to do with the closure of bank offices that force users to make long calls to customer service or the refusal of electricity companies to activate the regulated rate (TUR) that allows savings in The invoice of light.

The worst of Caixabank

The Catalan bank has suffered a degradation of its service since the merger with Bankia. Many of his offices have closed and the personal treatment he provided to his clients is conspicuous by its absence. Currently, it is one of the few banks that charges to receive money and if a client receives a transfer of more than 20,000 euros, the entity automatically applies a commission. Next, we show you an example.

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It is also one of the banks that charges the most commissions, except for clients with the most balance who are considered VIPs and have special agreements. Paradoxically, those who have the least are the ones who pay the most. Here we see an example of the price it costs to maintain an open Caixabank account.

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Finally, it should be noted that the online broker that Caixabank has is one of the ones that works the worst by far. Excessive commissions, a multitude of procedures to be able to execute an operation and also does not have listed many values ​​that are listed on markets such as the NASDAQ or Dow Jones. In short, the prize awarded by FACUA is more than deserved despite the fact that it does not appear in the media because said entity is one of the IBEX companies that pays the most institutional advertising to the media precisely to prevent this type of information from appearing.


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