Movistar adds two new DTT channels in HD

movistar adds two new dtt channels in hd
movistar adds two new dtt channels in hd

Good news for Movistar Plus+ users, since the service has already introduced two more HD channels from DTT . In this way, the channel repertoire continues to be updated so that we can enjoy image quality up to the task. Furthermore, this time they are two channels that have always enjoyed a lot of popularity.

The Mediaset Group is once again the protagonist of the availability of the new channels, given that both are part of its repertoire. This is great news that confirms that the group has wanted to do its best to ensure that the signal of its channels lives up to what Movistar users expect.

FDF now in HD

On dial 49 you can now find the FDF channel in HD on your deco, which is always advisable to tune in when we feel like having a good time. We have been turning to Factoría de Ficción for years to receive our doses of comedy with series like La que se coming, so it is very positive that it has now adapted to the requirements of the new era of DTT.

Let’s not forget that, since February 14, DTT has changed forever because it has left the SD signal behind, so the channels are adapting their broadcasts as quickly as possible. With Factoría de Ficción, as we said, we have a safe bet when we want to see something that is familiar to us . Series like Los Serrano or Aída are a safe bet to have a good time when we simply want to disconnect without thinking too much.

In addition to the series, there are other spaces that are interspersed, such as the zapping program ¡Toma salami!, in which a historical review of Mediaset is done at moments with the touch of comedy that characterizes this channel . Beyond this, there is no doubt that its main attraction is, as we said, being able to watch a thousand episodes one after the other of La que se cerca, with such mythical characters as Antonio Recio, Amador Rivas or Enrique Pastor. Since it is broadcast practically at all hours, it is very possible that you will not have problems finding chapters whenever you feel like it.

Boing also in high definition

We were not exaggerating when we said that this update to the HD repertoire that Movistar Plus+ has is a really good one. Because if FDF can be the ideal channel for parents to take a nap while listening to the laughter of the best Spanish comedy series in the background, Boing is ideal for the little ones .

Young people find in this legendary channel that premiered in 2010, a varied lineup in which Mediaset relies on content partially provided by Warner Bros. Discovery. That leads us to be able to watch Looney Tunes cartoons and also enjoy episodes of the now legendary animated series Teen Titans Go!


However, the young titans are not the only heroes that appear on the channel’s programming, since series such as Batwheels, Hero inside or The Thundermans are also broadcast. The best thing is that the channel’s grill is really varied. Thus, those who access dial 117 can also see other productions such as Dragon Ball Super , Beyblade Burst, Monster High, The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe or Doraemon, the cosmic cat.

For now, there are still channels that have not made the leap to high definition broadcasting on Movistar Plus+, but it is expected to be a matter of time . Some have already gone through the testing channels, so they should be available soon. For now, these two new additions are already excellent news.

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