Motorola prepares to surprise with the rollable smartphone


Motorola seems very interested in advancing the development of smartphones equipped with flexible screens: in the past few hours, the images of the next top Razr range have been leaked, which should arrive on the market in the summer, but the winged house would be working on another model characterized by even more innovative technical solutions. To report it is an often reliable source, namely Evan Blass, who communicated the information to the 91mobiles website.


At present it is known that the smartphone, codenamed Felix is in the initial stages of development and that its peculiarity coincides with the rollable screen that extends vertically. When the screen is completely rolled up, the device takes on a more compact size: in this arrangement, about one third of the screen is wrapped around a pin (located at the base of the device) and facing the back of the smartphone.

More precise data on the technical characteristics of Felix are lacking, but it is already a clear philosophy that marks its development: unlike other manufacturers who have presented their concepts for rollaways – see. those of Oppo and LG – Motorola uses the rollable screen to create a product that is smaller than a traditional smartphone (when the screen is rolled up) and not a traditional sized smartphone that can become a mini tablet (when the screen is rolled out). It is in fact the same approach used by the company with Razr leaflets which aim to reduce the dimensions when the screen is closed.

It is difficult to predict the date of arrival on the market because the smartphone is in an embryonic stage. There would also be a working prototype missing, so much so that to test the software based on Android 12 he would have used a modified Edge 30. Net of the inevitable unforeseen events related to any project in development, it may take up to a year before seeing it on the market.

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