Motorola advances its completely flexible mobile screen


During this week the Lenovo Tech World 2023, a proprietary event in which the company takes the opportunity to preview both its upcoming products and some developments that you could see in stores in the coming years. Among them, the one who stood out the most was the Motorola flexible display prototype which can be both a phone and a smart bracelet.

While the foldable mobile market focuses on designs where the screen can be folded in a single pre-established way, in this case Motorola’s idea of allow users to interact in a completely free way. Will it become a commercial product?

This is the new Motorola concept


Official look at Motorola’s display prototype

As the images show, this spectacular flexible screen is based on materials pOLED and has a size of 6.9 inches with a native Full HD+ resolution. Far from having specific fold points, it can bend in any area and no longer have a completely flat format.

In this way, in addition to being used as a possible conventional Smartphone, it could be folded at the bottom to remain “standing” when it comes to viewing multimedia content or being able to take photographs and make video calls more comfortably, or even fold completely to adopt a smart bracelet format.

Thus, when it becomes a bracelet or strap, a series of Smartphone functions such as notifications, messaging apps, camera or Google Maps can continue to be used, although the manufacturer made it clear that some of them would be limited on the interfaceresembling the experience that users of the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra with its external screen.

Even by including the “MotoAI” technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms A user could take a photograph of their clothing and the device would generate corresponding images that can be configured as wallpapers so that the phone converted into a wearable combines aesthetically.

With no news on its marketing plans, we hope it doesn’t just remain an original idea and we learn a little more about this development over the next year.

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