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Most pirated movies and box office of the week [12/09/2022]

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September has arrived with several news, both on streaming services and at the box office. As is tradition at TechSmart, we will bring you a special list of the most pirated films of the last seven days and the highest grossing in theaters. You can check out last week’s ranking films here.

Among the most downloaded movies, “Thor: Love and Thunder” debuted at number one with its debut on the Disney Plus streaming service. In second position, we have Top Gun: Maverick, which held the lead last week. To close the podium, Um Lugar Far Far From Here marks its debut on the list.

Already in theaters, “Top Gun: Maverick” continues to achieve impressive successes and rose again to first place, reinforcing the success of star Tom Cruise. In second position, “Bullet Train maintains the good result of last week. To close the podium, we have “Spider-Man: No Return Home”, which has returned to theaters with its extended version.

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Check out the list of most pirated movies and box office rankings of the last week below:

  • most pirated movies
  • Biggest box office

most pirated movies

10 – The Predator: The Hunt
9 – Minions 2: The Origin of Gru
8 – The Fall
7 – Jurassic World: Dominion
6 – No! Do not look!
5 – Pinocchio
4 – The Beast
3 – A Place Far Away From Here
2 – Top Gun: Maverick
1 – Thor: Love and Thunder

Biggest box office

10 – A Place Far Away From Here
  • Box office: US$ 3,398,526
9 – Thor: Love and Thunder
  • Box office: US$3,754,495
8 – Shark (re-release)
  • Box office: US$3,886,420
7 – Minions 2: The Origin of Gru
  • Box office: US$4,944,350
6 – The Beast
  • Box office: US$ 5,796,205
5 – Cursed Invitation
  • Box office: US$ 7,180,600
4 – DC League of Superpets
  • Box office: US$ 7,230,227
3 – Spider-Man: No Homecoming (re-release)
  • Box office: US$7,255,385
2 – Bullet Train
  • Box office: US$ 8,761,180
1 – Top Gun: Maverick
  • Box office: US$9,150,600
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