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Most pirated movies and box office of the week [03/10/2022]

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September was a month with several news, both in streaming services and at the box office. As is tradition at TechSmart, we will bring you a special list of the most pirated films of the last seven days and the highest grossing in theaters. You can check out last week’s ranking films here.

In the most downloaded movies, “Bullet Train” debuted at number one with its arrival on rental services. In second place, we have the science fiction “Vesper” and to close the podium, “Abracadabra 2”, which debuted on the Disney Plus streaming service.

Already in theaters, the thriller “Don’t Worry Honey” had a strong debut and took first place, knocking “The King Woman” to second place. To close the podium, we have the re-release of “Avatar” by James Cameron.

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Check out the list of most pirated movies and box office rankings of the last week below:

  • most pirated movies
  • Biggest box office

most pirated movies

10 – Dead for a Dollar
9 – No! Do not look!
8 – Blonde
7 – Jurassic World: Dominion
6 – Operation Beer
5 – Thor: Love and Thunder
4 – Top Gun: Maverick
3 – Abracadabra 2
2 – Vesper
1 – Bullet Train

Biggest Box Offices

10 – The Invitation
  • Box office: US$1,392,657
9 – DC League of Super Pets
  • Box office: US$ 2,111,731
8 – Top Gun: Maverick
  • Box office: US$ 2,218,735
7 – Bullet Train
  • Box office: US$ 2,500,766
6 – See How They Run
  • Box office: US$ 2,734,017
5 – Pearl
  • Box office: US$ 2,798,629
4 – Barbarian
  • Box office: US$ 6,660,019
3 – Avatar (re-release)
  • Box office: US$ 13,896,763
2 – The King Woman
  • Box office: US$ 14,559,432
1 – Don’t Worry, Honey
  • Box office: US$ 25,504,643
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