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Most common mistakes when making a video call

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Video calls allow us to maintain much more direct contact with our friends and loved ones, combining image and sound. However, its popularization is recent and some beginner’s mistakes are still made when trying to establish communications. It is not enough to use the best apps to make video calls, but you also have to know how to avoid the most common mistakes, and some ideas to solve them.

Take advantage of video calls to hold work meetings or remote meetings with friends and family

Yes ok errors are often unintentional, sometimes it is possible to prevent them by taking certain precautions and carrying out prior check-ups. Take note of these recommendations and you will be able to achieve greater stability and quality in your video calls, saving you disconnections, annoying noises and bad profiles with a little attention.

-Pay attention to the effects of each platform. When you make a video call on a platform you don’t know, you can end up turning into a potato or unintentionally putting on a chroma of clouds and beach. So before you make a video call, make sure you know how to turn certain special effects on and off. You will save yourself a headache or an embarrassing situation.

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-Check the Internet connection. The data and connectivity consumption of a video call is high compared to a traditional call. Therefore, it is always advisable to test how our connection works before simply making it. If we make the call and our connection is of low quality, the image will not load properly, the sound may not come out or we may see our interlocutors with a delay. Here you can check the quality of your Internet connection.

-Don’t point the camera at your chin. In order not to reveal your lack of knowledge of new technologies, it is essential that you do not point the camera at your chin during video calls. The best way to make video calls and avoid mistakes is to aim straight at the face and show a little of the torso.

-Don’t show up in your pajamas. Another of the most common mistakes is neglecting the general appearance, from unexpected interruptions by children or relatives passing from behind, to going to a video call in your pajamas. Try to avoid it, especially on work calls, because it looks very bad.

-Do not make video calls in the kitchen or living room. Related to the previous point, and with a professional presentation, it is not recommended to make video calls in transit spaces.

Although working from home is comfortable, among the most repeated mistakes are interruptions due to making the video call in the kitchen or in the living room. Find a remote room or if you can have your own study, even better.

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