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More than two days to repent on WhatsApp: the deletion of messages is extended to 60 hours

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Very good news for those of us who are used to making the wrong chat or regretting a message that we have released when we should not: WhatsApp extends the option to delete what is written up to two and a half days. That is, we can delete any WhatsApp message that we have sent in the previous 60 hours; an extension that until now stood at one hour and 8 minutes.

Little by little, WhatsApp is expanding its closed limits until it achieves somewhat more open borders, although with less extension than other rivals more accustomed to innovation, as is the case with Telegram. Even so, WhatsApp maintains the hegemony thanks to its huge volume of users; main reason not to risk constant updates. Fortunately, its users are receiving little novelty pills. And the most recent is of great depth.

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Two and a half days to make the messages disappear

Deleting Whatsapp Messages

When WhatsApp finally allowed to delete messages, the company introduced margins that were too tight for the function to be useful over time. It started with only seven minutes; until later reaching 4096 seconds: 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds, a much more generous time.

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With the recent change made to the stable app, WhatsApp multiplies by more than 52 the time available to delete any message from the chatsboth individually and in groups. This gives a margin of more than two days, enough time to discover any possible errors even for those who do not actively use WhatsApp.

Although the time available to delete messages has changed, the deletion notice remains unchanged. That is, anyone can delete a communication “for everyone” during the 60 hours after it is sent, but it will always leave the “you deleted this message“.

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Extending the time to give anyone the chance to make mistakes or repent is always good news, although it would also be nice if WhatsApp introduced a measure that would not lead to deletion, such as editing messages. While we wait for it to be comparable to platforms like Telegram, anyone who uses WhatsApp, both in its stable application and in beta, already has the 60-hour margin that enables the deletion of any message for everyone.

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