More than half a million houses in rural areas will enjoy ultra-fast fiber in 2023

more than half a million houses in rural areas will
more than half a million houses in rural areas will

rural areas single broadband program

The annual Unico-Banda Ancha grant program has taken a significant step towards expanding connectivity in rural areas. In their last bases, they have been notified 792 thousand homes which will receive a connection from 300 Mbps fiber optic, expandable to 1 Gbpsthanks to public funds. Which areas will be the lucky ones?

He UNICO Broadband program, framed within the Program for the Universalization of Digital Infrastructures for Cohesion, has as its goal the universalization of access to ultra-fast broadband and the expansion of 5G. Through the use of Next Generation EU funds, it seeks to accelerate ultra-fast connectivity throughout Spain. This initiative seeks to reduce the digital divide and guarantee high-speed Internet access in areas that previously lacked adequate connectivity.

Greater coverage for rural areas

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has presented the new bases that will regulate the granting of subsidies and the preliminary identification of dead zones of at least 100 Mbps. These measures are the first step to implement the UNICO Broadband program in 2023, in line with the Digital Spain agenda and the Recovery Plan.

In order to establish a map of areas eligible to receive aid financed by Next Generation EU funds, a public consultation has been launched that will be open until June 22. The consultation is aimed at operators, the CNMC and the Public Administrations, with the aim of delimiting the areas where projects will be developed to extend ultra-fast connectivity to homes and companies throughout the national territory.

Currently, the beneficiary projects of the UNICO Banda Ancha 2021 and 2022 calls are in execution, which have a joint budget of almost 500 million euros. For the 2023 call, the regulatory bases have been modified to adapt to the new European regulations on state aid for the deployment of broadband networks.

In the two previous annual editions, the Unico-Banda Ancha program has made significant progress in achieving the objectives established by Europe for connectivity in Spain. To date, this objective has been achieved in a 95.75% of households in all the country. However, in rural areas, this percentage drops to 89.50%, which indicates that there is still work to be done to provide adequate connectivity in these areas.

unique program

always high speed

For its latest edition, more rigorous requirements have been established to guarantee optimal access to the Internet. In addition to the requirement of a minimum speed of 300 Mbps, a new nuance is introduced: this speed must be maintained even in peak demand conditions. This means that when at least 20% of the users are using their line at maximum speed, the network must guarantee 300 Mbps.

The provisional list of benefited areas covers a total of 1,053 million real estate units, of which 792 thousand are homes residential. If you want to know if your area is included in this initiative, you can consult the available map viewer, which will show you the designated areas in your environment.

This new edition of the Unico-Banda Ancha program represents a crucial step towards reducing the digital divide in rural areas. The provision of a reliable, high-speed fiber optic connection will significantly improve the quality of life for residents, fostering economic and social development in these communities. With public funds earmarked for this purpose, the aim is to ensure that all households have equal opportunities in the access to digital services and promote digital inclusion throughout the country.

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