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More life for your Google Chromecast: how to download all compatible apps and games

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Are you looking for all the apps and games that are compatible with Google Chromnecast? perfect for send content to the player and thus make the most of it: the Android store offers a category with the complete software and at the click of a button.

One of the biggest advantages of Google streaming devices is that they offer access to a huge amount of content just by sharing it from your smartphone. Even from a computer: the Google Cast protocol makes it so easy to send video and audio (“casting”) that just click on the relevant icon to instantly appear on TV. Now, what apps include this option? There is a way to discover them all.

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Google Play includes a category called “Google Cast”

Chromecast-how-to-download-all.jpg 450w, https://i.blogs.es/c16b24/google-chromecast-apps/650_1200.jpg 681w, https://i.blogs.es/c16b24/google-chromecast-apps/1024_2000.jpg 1024w, https://voonze.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/More-life-for-your-Google-Chromecast-how-to-download-all.jpg 1366w" src="https://voonze.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/More-life-for-your-Google-Chromecast-how-to-download-all.jpg" alt="Google Chromecast Apps">

Both the original Chromecast and the later version with Android TV come standard with Google Cast, a wireless protocol that enables sharing content from a mobile, tablet or computer. The process is simple, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph: just open the corresponding app, click on the Chromecast icon and send anything to the TV. As long as all the devices are under the same WiFi network, of course.

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Finding apps and games compatible with Google Cast was not so easy since it had to be specified by the developer in the download tab. To make the discovery process easier, Google has included a search category with all the software compatible with the Chromecast; applications that allow the sending of the mobile screen or its content (“casting”).

To access this category there are two different methods: from Google Play on mobile or from the direct link through a web browser.

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  • Open the Google Play store and go to the bottom tab of “Apps”.
  • Look at the upper area and click on “Categories”.
  • Go down to “google-cast“. There you have all the Android software compatible with the Chromecast.
  • Alternatively, you can access directly from the browser by clicking on this link.

If you open the category on mobile you can browse the different subcategories, this makes it much easier to locate which apps or games you are interested in downloading. In the browser, Google has not segmented the section by theme, but it may be more comfortable for you to scroll through the different suggestions.

The apps are compatible with the Google Cast protocol: they are used to send the screen to the Chromecast or Android TV. Some of them can also be installed on the player if the player supports downloading apps.

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