More details on the iPhone 13 of 2021: more battery and better screens

Concept design of a new iPhone.

Today is the day chosen by Apple to put on sale its new iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max and, the truth is that it is surprising the amount of information that points to this time of year about characteristics that the following models will have. Some iPhone 13 with which those from Cupertino want to make up for the mistakes made in the 2020 terminals. Known to all are the problems that these new smartphones have with the battery, whose capacity and autonomy has been significantly reduced by the arrival of 5G and a performance that is not, far from it, that seen in the last two generations.

That is why some of the leaks that begin to appear around the future iPhone 13 (as they claim they will be called) place special emphasis on the fact that the 2021 models are going to modify many things, mainly two of the critical components that this year many users expected that they would make the leap towards much more ambitious technologies: on the one hand the aforementioned battery life and on the other the screen.

Higher update rate

In a year in which mobile phones from the most premium Android ranges have reached the market with 120Hz screens, it is strange to see how Apple does not care if its devices continue to land in stores with half, 60Hz. Especially if we take into account that this 120Hz technology is not strange for Californians, since those high refresh rates are already present in their iPad Pro since the models of the year 2018.

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More details on the iPhone 13 of 2021: more battery and better screens

The fact is that according to some media, the iPhone 13 will solve that problem and will have much more competent screens than those we have seen in the new iPhone 12, thanks to an agreement with LG that will provide those panels capable of reproducing content at a maximum of 120 frames per second. But in addition to that improvement in the display, this component will have a direct impact on the other major loser of this year’s models: the battery.

According to the same information, More efficient screens will allow Apple to obtain better performance and autonomy in its iPhone 13 for next year, so that an expansion of the battery capacity will not be necessary. With the same one that they have right now, and only with this modification on the screens, more positive numbers would already be obtained. And it is that these panels will have a technology capable of reducing the refresh rate to 1Hz in those cases in which, for example, we are reading messages or viewing photographs. Those times of a lower refresh rate are what will alleviate battery life.

What’s more, another of the components that Apple is already working on to improve the life of these batteries is 5G. The chip used this year consumes too much and Tim Cook’s know it, so they are already working with Qualcomm to install another more efficient modem that improves the autonomy numbers of future terminals. Will they get it?