More customization in Samsung Galaxy with One UI 6.1: it is now possible to choose wallpapers for the alarm clock

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more customization in samsung galaxy with one ui 61 it.webp.webp.webp

The new version of Samsung’s custom skin, One UI 6.1, is full of interesting changes that go beyond anything the company’s new artificial intelligence, Galaxy AI, can do. One UI 6.1 is, overall, a more polished layerwith improvements to the control center and quick settings, among others.

Besides, One UI 6.1 also has visual innovations for the user interface. One of them is the possibility of configuring a wallpaper for the Always On screen, to have a look more interesting next to the widgets and the clock. And another change, which is a bit hidden, is the possibility of using an image as wallpaper for the alarm clock.

How to set a wallpaper on the alarm clock of your Samsung Galaxy with One UI 6.1

By default, the alarm clock on Samsung Galaxy phones shows an almost unicolor background, with a certain gradient, when it is ringing. This is so in both One UI 6.1 and One UI 6.0 and older versions of Samsung’s custom layer.

But on phones with One UI 6.1 Samsung has incorporated the possibility of using the image you want as wallpaper for the alarm clockeven images created with the Samsung artificial intelligence, Galaxy AI. This option goes completely unnoticed until you explore the settings menu of the watch app.

To use an image as wallpaper on your alarm clock, just follow these steps:

One Ui 61 Alarm Wallpaper

  • Open the clock app and press the three dots button on the right side of the screen
  • Choose Settings
  • Now, click on “alarm background
  • Finally, select an image from your gallery (or one of Samsung’s own images)

Now, every time the alarm clock rings on your mobile, you will be able to see, while yawning and with squinted eyes, the wallpaper that you have set. It occurs to me to choose a photo of my pet or a movie that I really like, to try to wake up in a better mood when the alarm goes off very early in the morning.

Wallpaper One Ui 61 Alarm 2

This feature is available in One UI 6.1, which means it is currently only available on the new Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, other Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets will receive the update to One UI 6.1 during the first half of the year, so this and many other new features They will reach more devices.

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