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MonitUp, monitoring software to monitor the activity carried out by employees during their working day

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As the leader of a company, it is important to have a trained staff that makes possible the operation of the different areas that comprise it.

Likewise, the tasks carried out in each of these areas must be effective and meet the expected objectives.

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However, it is likely that at some point things are not going the way you expect and you need to be aware of the actions carried out by your employees, to determine whether or not they are trying enough to carry out their work.

that’s where monitorup comes into play, since with this tool you will have the opportunity to track the activities carried out by your employees during your work day.

Thus, MonitUp constitutes a tracking software of employees with an interface that will allow you to know precisely how your employees spend their time.

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With MonitUp you will obtain data with which you will verify who or who is not performing as expected in their work and based on this, take the corresponding actions to keep productivity high.

Features of MonitorUp

When entering MonitUp you will find an interface made up of the following elements:

Control Panel

In this section you can observe connected and disconnected computersas well as IP addresses, last hours of activity.

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Also, you will get a pie chart that will allow you to know which are the most used programs in your company.

user dashboard

In this section you will find detailed user activity information: when you turned on the computer, as well as the time you were away from your tasks on the computer, the time you turned it off.

At the bottom you can see a list showing all the actions performed by the user within a specific date range.

From this screen you can observe when your employees turn their computers on and off.

In this way you will be able to easily recognize who is absent or who works beyond the time that includes their day.

Control of websites

Through this section you can observe the websites visited by your employeesso that you can then restrict access to those who may negatively affect their productivity.

list of computers

In this section you will have the opportunity to see which computers in your company are online or offline.

Other data displayed there are the name of the group, the IP address, the space available on the C: drive, bytes sent and received, among others.

computer performance

With MonitUp you will be able to remotely monitor the performance of your company’s computers, so that you can act when one of them shows deficiencies in its operation.

Application categories

On this screen you can view apps separated into three categories: productive, unproductive, neutral.

In this way you will be able to determine the level of efficiency of your employees based on the applications that they use the most on the computer.


MonitUp will allow you take screenshots of computers of those employees that you have specified, which will be carried out every 5 minutes.


Every Monday it will be sent to your email a summary of the activities carried out by your employees on their computers the week before.

To access the MonitUp website click HERE

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