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Monitor energy consumption, save electricity | c’t uplink 45.2

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If you want to save electricity, you have to be able to estimate your consumption precisely. The uplink clarifies which devices help and where you can find potential savings.

Electricity is a precious commodity. We are noticing this at the moment, especially in the rising prices. While the price of electricity has been relatively stable in recent years, it has exploded this year. We have now reached an average of 40 cents per kilowatt hour – around 10 cents more than a year ago. For most of them, the end-of-year statement from their provider is likely to be particularly unpleasant this time.

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But that doesn’t have to be the case. The major consumers in the household are the refrigerator, washing machine and dryer. But at least a third of our electricity bill is made up of IT and consumer electronics. Anyone who gets an overview here and records how consumers behave over a longer period of time can not only estimate their costs more precisely, but also better identify and use potential savings.

In the c’t uplink we talk about which devices help and how to find the right balance between saving energy, comfort and sustainability.

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