Moments, the Spanish social network that tries to be an online newspaper

moments social network
moments social network
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The Moments social network, of Spanish origin, is based on a concept that other social networks have left aside, such as the personal diary, the compilation of all kinds of moments, associated with images, comments, ideas or events. Events that can also be reflected in the future, as an agenda on trips, parties, concerts…

Moments works as a social network but also as a public or private digital diary

This Moments social network should not be confused with the tool of the same name that Twitter introduced in 2015, which allowed content published by users to be consulted without following the reverse chronological order of the timeline

In the case of the Spanish social network, Moments is configured in a sort of electronic diary can be public or private so that the life journey can be shared with others or appear only as a record for the user or a selected group of contacts. Developers are even considering the possibility of incorporating collective publications.

Moments social network

The concept defended from Moments is that of agglutinate into a single content stream all aspects of the user’s life that they want to review, either to share with others, or to keep as a personal diary.

Of very recent birth, its founders began to develop it in mid-2021 and its first version appeared at the end of 2021, having reached so far over 230,000 downloads.

Initially, the Spanish company that develops the application ruled out monetization through advertising inserts, as well as the sale of data from users. Instead, procedures for social gamification, in the style of what happens in video games like “Fortnite” or “League of Legends”, although allowing any user to use Moments without incurring expenses.