Modding made art: this Fisher Price toy controller is now an Xbox controller

Modding made art: this Fisher Price toy controller is now an Xbox controller
modding made art: this fisher price toy controller is now

The modding artists They not only take advantage of all kinds of ideas to convert PCs and consoles: they also reuse video game controllers to adapt them to the new times.

This is what a user who posted photos and videos of his latest creation on Twitter has done: a Fisher Price toy controller which is suddenly a functional controller for the Xbox.

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Playing ‘Elden Ring’ in a different way

Dylan Beck, better known by his alias on Twitter, Rudeism, showed his achievement stating that he has not only made that toy controller a fully functional Xbox controller, but also, “keep making the horrible sounds what I did originally.

Those sounds appeared for example when playing ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’, but Rudeism also showed a small demo in which it was seen how the controller could be used without problems with games like ‘Elden Ring’:

This Fisher Price toy remote control modification not entirely original: another well-known Twitter user, Foone, I had already done something similar though in your case you used it to move around the browser.

The Fisher Price controller does not have the two joysticks that the Xbox controller does have, but there are here a curiosity: the yellow switch at the bottom right of the Fisher Price controller allows you to choose whether you want to use that joystick as your left or right. That button also allows you to make the ABCD buttons act as Start/Select/Guide buttons.

Beck had already managed to do amazing things in the past with crazy ideas, like controlling ‘Dark Souls III’ with a single button while pressing the movements in morse code.

He went further even with his lightsaber and a special gloveboth with motion sensors to play ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ in an amazing way.

In order to convert the Fisher Price controller into an Xbox controller he had to use an Arduino Pro Micro board, some microswitches and a real two-axis joystick (Fisher Price’s is a button although it is shaped like a joystick) to achieve the final result.

He used a 3D printer to make certain modifications to the original casing so that everything would fit inside, except for that detail the cost of the project did not exceed 20 dollars. A unique idea, of course, that once again demonstrates how surprising the world of modding can be.

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