Mobiles and laptops at 15 euros, is it reliable to buy returns in technological outlets?

mobiles and laptops at 15 euros, is it reliable to
mobiles and laptops at 15 euros, is it reliable to

Do you know the technological outlets? Most likely you are thinking about how much you would like to get one of those cell phones and laptops at a bargain price that they have available. But be very careful, because although there are outlets that you can trust, there are also others that you should not buy. How could you differentiate them so that they don’t give you a pig for a poke? Next, we are going to tell you how to detect possible scams and what to do to make your purchase at the outlet successful.

We would all like to be able to renew our devices for a few euros and, in this aspect, the outlets play a fundamental role. On many occasions they have been the place where we have found really cheap products, so cheap that when we see them we know that we have been lucky. What do we have to pay attention to so that we can enjoy a good experience buying returns and reconditioned products in technology outlets?

you have to be fast

This is something you can already imagine. Outlets are like the Wild West: who comes first is who buys the bargain at the best price. And the problem is that you never know when the “best time” will be. If sales seem like a battle to you, imagine what happens in some outlets. Of course, you can’t spend the day visiting the same outlet over and over again to see what products they have for sale.

Bearing this in mind and except in outlets that have a specific work method, as in Crazy Day Factory, which always restocks the catalog on a certain day, it is best to think about key dates. For example, one of the moments in which technological outlets have better products is after the christmas campaign. The reason for this is very simple: many people have not been satisfied with their gifts and decide to return them. In the case of stores like Amazon, they are sold in physical outlets or in their own Warehouse, while, for example, MediaMarkt recently opened a face-to-face outlet in Pinto, Madrid, with the intention of selling all these returns, among which mobile phones and laptops can be included at 15 euros or other offer prices.

Another reason to be quick when visiting outlets is that the products that are left are not only of lower quality, but also they have passed through many more hands of curious people who visit the store. This implies that your state can be significantly affected.

Bad experiences

As we said, you can get real bargains, but you can also get scalded if you’re not lucky. There are some stores that are installed in shopping centers or in central areas of the city and in which Tablets, mobiles, laptops for sale and other low-priced items marked as Amazon returns. What happens in most cases? Those products most likely did not come from Amazon! And other times they can come from Amazon, but you are not being indicated the actual state in which each of the devices is, something that the store was informed of when it made the purchase of that stock.

Seen in this way, these outlet stores or the sale of return items are simple resellers like the ones you can find on eBay or Wallapop, but with in-person points. The bad experiences that you can find range from the device not working properly to having one of its components too “burned”, such as the battery in the case of mobile phones or the hard drive in a laptop. These are details that, at the time of purchase, you may not be checking. Besides, most outletsboth those who work legally and those who do not, usually do not allow returns for logical reasons (if they are already returns, it would be an endless process).


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In very drastic cases you could find that inside the box of a returned device that you have bought you find something different from the content that should be there. For this reason, it is essential that, after making the purchase, check what’s inside. Perhaps instead of the model you thought you were buying, there is an older version or a cable is missing. That, however, is something rare that will probably never happen to you in a trusted outlet. These types of problems, yes, tend to occur more when buying in online outlets. It can also happen to you in those Amazon return boxes in which, remember, the online store usually has nothing to do with it. They are organized by other vendors and are usually not great bargains.

brand matters

Besides, it is important to choose well. The price is a crucial factor, but the brand is also highly relevant, both of the product and of the place where you are going to buy. You have to look at the origin of the outlet and the references it has, because it is not the same to buy in a store like Amazon, or one that works with the e-commerce giant, than to buy in an outlet that occupies a store for a week or two and it goes away.

Of course, keep an eye out, because even in major store outlets, such as MediaMarkt, you could find things that are out of the ordinary. There are those who talk about products that are not in good condition and that, no matter how cheap they are, they will not meet the quality standards of any client. Sometimes this is not a problem of the center itself, but of the little control that is usually had by the stock of the outlets. Many customers handle the products and they can cause damage or, yes, sometimes the returns are not checked as much as they should. Other times they may come from display items, so it’s always best to check everything before buying.

As for the products, be very careful, since in some outlets it is possible that you will find mobile phones for little money from brands that hardly anyone knows about. precisely those terminals will be new and not returns or refurbished. That should already be something that makes you have the fly behind your ear. So look for devices from brands you know. And yes, they will usually indicate that they originate from returns or that they have been refurbished. In any case, remember that a refurbished device should not give you any problems, since they usually go through exhaustive quality controls.


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Which outlets to trust?

In relation to the above, you may feel some uncertainty about buying outlet products, returns or refurbished items. Our intention is to help you make the best purchases, but it is not always easy. For this reason, remember that the outlets you can always trust, although there are always exceptions, are those of large stores, such as Amazon or MediaMarkt. You will also get guarantees from companies that have agreements with Amazon, such as Crazy Day Factory, as well as Amazon’s online Warehouse, where you can find very good deals. If you run into any serious problem in these outlets, surely their customer service departments can help you.

There are other outlets you can trust, but you’ll have to be careful. And, above all, try to buy in person, since being able to see and touch the device yourself will make a difference.


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