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Mobile with the best battery! TudoCelular Ranking with all autonomy tests

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As you may well know, TechSmart has full tests to ensure that our analyzes and comparisons are as accurate as possible. Here in this article you will find the battery tests, where we follow the same pattern with all devices and screen regulated to exactly the same level of brightness (with the help of a luxmeter) to guarantee accurate results. We’ll also include screen-on time results and battery recharge time for each tested device.

Now if you are looking for only the best to buy, you can check out our buying guides organized by category (entry-level, mid-range and top-of-the-line models) in terms of battery and charging:

  • Best battery cell phones to buy
  • Best recharge time phones to buy
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Below you’ll find three graphs, one with the total usage time, the second with the screen on time and the last with the recharge time – all of them organized from best to worst with time in hours.

If you are not familiar with our standardized battery test yet, let’s do a short summary. We recharge the cell phone up to 100% and leave its settings as they come from the factory. The screen is regulated with the brightness at 200 lux (using a luxmeter) and we install only the applications that we used in our tests where each one of them is used for a defined time as seen below:

  • 6 minutes of use (each) – WhatsApp, Youtube, MX Player (offline video), Spotify, PowerAmp (offline music) and Chrome;
  • 1 minute (each) – Pokémon Go, Asphalt 8, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Modern Combat 5 and Injustice;
  • 4 minutes of 3G/4G calls;
  • 2 minutes of use (each) – Facebook, Gmail and GMaps

This is done in a cycle that lasts a total of 52 minutes. After that, the cell phone remains on standby with the screen off for 30 minutes and then the cycle is redone. The test only ends when the battery is discharged, and so we have the total time of use that is listed in the graph below.

If you’re looking for a cell phone with a battery that lasts all day until it’s time to go to sleep, then we recommend choosing a model that has yielded at least 20 hours in our test.

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